Rabbi Shegill on Mars Mission | A serious talk

Written By Just Punjabi on Thursday, September 25, 2014 | 3:33 PM

rabbi shergill mars mission punjabi singer jugni
Rabbi Shergill
Lurking beneath the surface of all explorations is an unmistakable lust for resources, control. History of our civilisation/s bears it out. Right from Sumer to the present-day pan-Americana, the same theme plays out again and again. It was Europe's conquests abroad that launched its industrialisation, the first of our globe. And it was Indian resources that fueled Britain's glorious, unchallenged pre-eminence on the world stage for almost 2 centuries.

But the wounds she received are still fresh. And she's reflected for over seventy years and can't, like an innocent bullied kid in the school yard, see her innocence survive the ruthless frame within which she finds herself. So, she must lapse into an ancient defense mechanism, an eternal vicious cycle: the bullied must turn a bully. The history of all Western seafaring and now space-faring is about conquest, control. The Orientals at least had a notion of enhancing consciousness in their travel. Ni such dainty niceties for the West though.

It now gathers power to not just annihilate its perceived enemies but control them in the scariest psychological ways imaginable, one look at the weapons in development will tell you that. It does that through its control of global finance and weapons tech. Both require material. Now that we've already squeezed out Earth, what else is there? 'Why, of course, there's that red rock over there, all we got to do is scope it out, swat away any pesky locals and carve it out amongst us. What we take from here's going to decide who's the controller and who the controlled.'

Space exploration, clearly is the only way to save a top-down, cannibalistic, global civilisation. Unless a global spiritual turnaround happens, how can India unilaterally practice benignity? In a terrible twisting if its very being, its been forced to choose a painful forsaking of its ancient spiritual ways and imitate the empty intellectual ways of the current conquerors. Eat or be eaten. The choices are cruel and India's made its. It hopes, it can live to love another day--when the world's ready for it. Mars! I'm sorry.

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Jyoti Nooran's Love, Marriage and Controversy

Written By Just Punjabi on Wednesday, August 6, 2014 | 3:14 PM

Jyoti Nooran's, one among the famous singing sisters duo known as Nooran Sisters, affair has taken a twist when Jyoti and along with her newly wed husband Kunal Passi appeared in the Punjab and Harayana High Court at Chandigarh seeking protection from her parents and her elder sister Sultana Nooran. Jyoti was spotted wearing choora in her arms and Kunal was having an unkempt grown up beard. In the court of Honourable Justice TPS Maan, Jyoti Nooran urged for her protection because she has married a guy of her choice. 

According to Jyoti her parents and sister are against this relationship and they wanted her to marry a guy of their choice. She, through her counsel, alleged that her parents are greedy and cunning. They want to marry her to a guy whom she does not seem fit for her. She told the court that she is in love with Kunal for two years and she tried hard to convince her parents for this marriage. But when she smelled danger to her life, she decided to get married with Kunal against her parents wish immediately. Therefore she willingly went thru a marriage ceremony according to Hindu rituals in a temple and started living with Kunal. Court ordered to give them shelter in protection home situated in sector 19 of Chandigarh. Court also ordered Jyoti Nooran to prove her age.  The case has now been fixed for August 21 for further hearing.

Jyoti Nooran | Nooran Sisters
Jyoti Nooran | Nooran Sisters

On the other hand, Jyoti's parents presented her matriculation certificate in front of the court claiming that she is still minor and has not attained the legal age of marriage. Jyoti's counsel defended with the argument that above certificate was forged by her parents on the behest of a promoter for a foreign trip because her mother wanted to accompany her in this foreign tour. This forged certificate was prepared to accompany her as care taker of her 'minor' daughter. According to above certificate Jyoti's birth date is 24 February 1998 while Jyoti claimed that she has attained the legal age of marriage because her real date of birth is 24 February 1994 and her husband was born in 1988. Further she appealed the court that she is ready to go through any scientific test which can testify her maturity. Court has given her the permission to go through Ossification Test which establishes the age based on the growth pattern of bones and teeth. Earlier Jyoti and Kunal approached Police Commissioner of Jalandhar to provide them protection.

During the hearing in the court Jyoti and her parents had a heated argument and court stopped the proceeding of their case keeping it pending for the day. Later in the second round of hearing court ordered the protection for the couple.

The Love Affair
According to a news report based on a close associate of Kunal Passi who is the resident of Phillaur town in district Jalandhar, where his father runs a sweet shop. His young brother lives in Canada. Kunal has passed 10+2 and right now he is doing nothing to earn his livelihood. He used to visit religious places where Jyoti along with her sister Sulatana usually performs sufi renditions. Two years ago they met at a religious place and came closer to each other. Jyoti recently returned from her Canada tour and disappeared with Kunal. This close associate further told the news reporter that Kunal and Jyoti willingly tied the knot and they are duly wed. Both might reach Phillaur sooner or later to live at Kunal's house. Right now this house is locked and Kunal's family is not seen there.

In another news report Jyoti Nooran's husband Kunal Passi in a telephonic conversation told to a reporter that his parents are agreed with this marriage and Jyoti Nooran will live with him in his house situated in Phillaur town. But Jyoti Nooran's parents are strictly against this marriage therefore the couple filed an appeal in the High court for protection of their life.

What will be the future of musical career of this gifted sisters duo, who has recently touched the pinnacle of their career with their super hit Bollywood song Pataka Guddi composed and musically directed by Oscar Award winner music director AR Rehman featured in critically acclaimed hindi film Highway. This song was performed on screen by leading pair of highway Randeep Hooda and Alia Bhatt. Song clicked immediately after its release and became chart-buster in no time. Confident about the success of this song AR Rehman himself sang the another version of same song which was used as a promotional song. Nooran Sisters got their first fame for their tung tung performance in MTV Sound Tripping. From there Nooran Sisters' career took a big leap and they were again featured in MTV Coke studio where they performed their sufi song allah ho. Duo has recorded two more songs with AR Rehman and were expected to sing two more songs. Recently they had a spellbound live concerts in Canada and most of the dates were full in their professional calender before Jyoti's love marriage controversy. What turn their musical career will take? Will Jyoti Nooran and Sultana Nooran will be performing together in future? Will Sultana remain on the side of her parents and leave Jyoti on her own fate? Will both have promising career individually if they had a thought to split? Answers for these and many other questions are in womb of time. let's wait and watch.

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Fraud case registered against Gippy Grewal

Written By Just Punjabi on Thursday, July 31, 2014 | 3:40 PM

Is Jatt James Bond of Punjabi cinema Jatt 420 in real life? Punjabi singer and actor Gippy Grewal has been charged with the sections of fraud by UT court on Wednesday. According to a news report published in daily newspaper Punjabi Jagran an advertising company has filed a case against Gippy Grewal in UT court yesterday. 

gippy grewal fraud case jatt james bond
Jatt James Bond! Gippy Grewal
Raman Aggarwal a partner of Aman Advertisement told in front of the court that during the promotional phase of Grewal's recently released Punjabi film, Jatt James Bond, a contract of rupees 7 lac has been signed between their company Aman Advertisement Pvt. Ltd. and Gippy Grewal, Pushpinder Singh Happy and their manager Girish. Rupees 2 lac were paid upfront for the promotional activities while remaining 5 lac would have to be paid after installation of promotional hoardings.

Complainant has said to court that a cheque of above said amount given by Grewal was bounced twice due to insufficient funds in the bank account. Even after the release of the film many weeks has been passed but no payment was received from Grewal. A case has been registered on the above complaint under sections 420, 120B and 406 of IPC and honourable CJM K K Jain has accepted the case for hearing. The next date for hearing this case is 7th November. Complainant has registered another case under section 136 to recover his pending amount.

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Divorce Case: Hrithik rubbished rumours on 400 cr alimony

Mumbai | JP News Network 
The shocking and much talked about split of Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Roshan has picked up heat again with rife rumours of a 400 crores alimony being involved. The news doing the rounds claimed that Sussanne Roshan has apparently demanded for a stupendous amount of Rs.400 crores as alimony from Hrithik Roshan. 

Sussanne-Hrithik Marriage Ceremony picture
Sussanne-Hrithik Marriage Ceremony picture. photo courtesy

However, official sources clarify that there is no truth to the reports and It is absolutely fabricated. A friend close to the couple confirms, "Finance and money has so far not even been a topic of discussion between Hrithik and Sussanne. They have even left it out of court because it does not hold importance to them. Hrithik being the person he is , would do anything to ensure that his family is happy and well looked after. Sussanne too is an independent working girl who has her own business.Any talk of money or dispute over settlement is ridiculous and fabricated”. 
Sussanne Hrithik divorce
Sussanne Hrithik divorce 400 cr alimony rumoured. photo courtesy

While this news spread like a fire in Bollywood and Hrithik fans. Latter Hrithik Roshan himself denied of any such thing through his twitter.

 Trashing the false reports, Hrithik too tweeted on the topic and said, "Fabricated news articles. Demeaning my loved ones. Testing my patience."

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New Trend | Now watch hit Movies on Facebook

Written By Just Punjabi on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 | 6:13 PM

Mumbai, July 30th | Karan Johar's Dharma Productions is now the first Indian production house to enable Facebook fans to watch movies on one of world’s biggest social networking platform, Facebook. 15 super hit films are made available as a part of the first phase launch including blockbuster such as Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Student of the Year, Agneepath, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. These films will be available for viewing in India and additional 150+ countries including US, UK, Canada Australia.

With a significant fan community online, Dharma Productions looks forward to engaging with its 2 crore plus followers. Aware of internet reach and with 1.28 billion active Facebook users, this could be considered as a big leap towards popularizing Indian cinema and entertaining more and more people across the globe.

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Control Bhaji Control | Punjabi Film 2014

Written By Just Punjabi on Thursday, July 24, 2014 | 5:33 PM

| First Look | Cast and Crew | Movie Preview | Articles |

Cast And Crew
Punjabi Film Control Bhaji Control
karan kundra sangram singh upasana singh punjabi film control bhaji control
Punjabi Film Control Bhaji Control

Real World Entertainment

Ready To Realease


Release Date
22 August 2014



Shooting Locations (City and Country)



Executive Producer

Creative Producer

Line Producer

Gaurav Singh

Creative Director



Star Cast

Karan Kundra
Sangram Singh
Nacchhattar Gill
BN Sharma
Upasana Singh
Chandan Prabhakar
Rana Jung Bahadur
Savita Bhatti
Harpal Singh
Bhottu Shah
Kake Shah
Sandeep Kaur

Music Company



Music Director
Gurmit Singh

Background Score









Released By

Publicity Design

Visual Promotion

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Jassi Gill, Babbal Rai, Roshan Prince, Prabh Gill, Kaur B in USA Canada this September

Young super stars of Punjabi music are going to rock the Punjabi audience and their American and Canadian friends during September and October. Jassi Gill has officially announced his US/Canada tour through his social network profile and has revealed the names of the other young stars who are going to perform live in various cities of US and Canada.

Roshan Prince | Jassi Gill | Babaal Rai | Prabh Gill | Kaur B
Roshan Prince | Jassi Gill | Babaal Rai | Prabh Gill | Kaur B

Along with Jassi Gill, Babbal Rai, Roshan Prince, Prabh Gill and Kaur B will be performing live throughout Canada and US a for almost two months. Roshan Prince's new song Jatt Di Jawani is already catching many eyeballs and his fans are curious to see him performing live. Prabh Gill's new song Jeen Di Gall has already touched the hearts and souls of Punjabis around the globe. So his performance will be a special treat to romancing couples during this tour. After the success of his songs Tera Naa, Billi Akh and Naina from the movie Oh My Peyo he will be spreading his charm around the western world. Jassi Gill who is getting good response for his PTC Star Night performance. He is also liked by the Punjabi cinema audience for his good act in Mr and Mrs 420 and Mundeyan ToN Bachke Rahin, his fans are already on heels to enjoy his live performance. After her first hit single Kaur B is also having her own fan following. So it would be a great tour for these young artist and their fans living around US and Canada. 

This Autumn in USA and Fall in Canada going too be hotter with the live performances of Jassi Gill, Babbal Rai, Roshan Prince, Prabh Gill, Kaur B. Whom are you waiting for?

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