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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Aawaz Punjab Di Rupinder Handa is Back with Loving Waves

Winner of Aawaz Punjab Di Season 1 Rupinder Handa, who disappeared from this big competitive music world, is coming back with her album Loving Waves.
--> Writer, director and producer Gurcharan Virk has made an announcement about the upcoming album. He said, “Album will be released in mid April. A video has been shot in Malasiya recently”. Does she get loving waves back from audience; we will get to know only after the album is released. Meanwhile go here and relish few pictures of video shoot in Malaysiya.


  1. inj de so called singer saadi punjabi maat bhaasha de kee sewa kr rahay, eh te eh lok hee jaanan, kyon jo punjabi gayki de naam te kee kee prosya jaa riha hai, eh, iss album de naam ton hee ptaa chall riha hai, jo ki English language vich hai "loving waves".