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Our Team

Jacob D’Mellow/Editor in Chief
He is a ghost. A ghost of Pen. Actually Jacob is his pen name. He roams around the world of entertainment globally and lives at many places. He is a keen observer and enthusiastic journalist who can read write and speak in Punjabi, English, Hindi and Urdu. He has tried his hand on writing film screenplays, television scripts, lyrics, short stories, poetry, prose and many other things. He wants to make few meaningful short films and many box office banging feature films. But much more than anything, he loves to peep in to the lives of celebs and to share his experiences with the entertainment world and his love for Punjabi entertainment world is imperishable. So he is here to give you a whole panorama of Punjabi Entertainment World through Just Panjabi, which is brain child of Jacob and a sincere effort of hand picked skilled team.

Deep Jagdeep Singh/Editor India
After Working for 7 eventful years as a script writer for PTC Punjabi Network at New Delhi studios and 8 years for various leading print brands published out of North India, Deep Jagdeep Singh adopted digital media as his full time passion and profession. He looks after India operations and leads a dedicated team of reporters and researches. He is also a very active screen writer and lyricist working in Punjabi and Hindi film industry simultaneously.

Jassi Punjabi/PR Manager
As the name suggests She is true Punjabi by heart. Though she lives in Europe she has been instrumental to spread the word Just Panjabi around the globe and in trade circles equally. She works as a bridge between the organisational and celebrities, tradesmen and media. As an expert of social media she skillfully handles all the social platforms of the organization and pitches the right content.

Along with these key pillars of Just Panjabi we have various supportive team players who supply us the necessary support financially, morally and content wise. They are spread globally and are in huge number. So in any big event you can bump into some one who claims to be our team member. Believe it, S/he must be telling you truth.