Amrinder Gill’s album ‘Judaa’

It was on the stage at the opening ceremony of the second World Cup Kabaddi 2011 that Amrinder Gill presented before the spectators song ‘Yaarian’ from his brand new album ‘Judaa’. It was just two days before the ceremony, that is, on Sunday that Amrinder released the first song preview on Facebook via Youtube on his own official channel. The song ‘Yaarian’ was very well received by the spectators in the stadium and also his followers on Facebook.The music of the song ‘Yaarian’ is by Dr. Zeus (also features Shortie) and lyrics by Bilal Saed. Let’s see how Amrinder Gill’s brand new album ‘Judaa’ fares with his fans once it is released.






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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    How come every player and singer from Punjab are becoming clean shaven. They look like Biharis or Upeaons and they talk about Punjabi and Punjab. There is nothing cultural left in these new artists. They are after the money and exploiting old songs and tunes for the big bucks.

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