Beware!!! Sartaj…fans are watching you.

It is peak odd time for Sartaj and his career. July ended up with a police case registered against him and now his die hard fans are disappointed from him because of his odd lyrics which no one has expected from him ever. Moreover his latest video motiya chameli has also disheartened his fans.

Now in the question is his live performance in Sweden where he sang few punjabi folk style couplets (boliyan). Lines were jatta chal lai wahguru da na le ke bahmini glass wargi. Fans have given a quick reaction over this performance and termed it as against his image. While posting this video on a popular forum one listener P. S. Sehmbi has commented, “It does not suit him. He himself is depreciating his respect by these kinds of songs. He talks about saintly thoughts and sing songs like this.” Another member of the portal Dolly Sandhu writers, “That’s disappointing for me too. Even I am not agreeing with it.”

Earlier his songs yamaha and billo ji was in question and many critics criticized him for singing odd kind of songs, while wearing attire similar to saint poets of Punjab. Another member of the forum Sukhjit Brar has suggested to the fans, “We should not be biased and blind followers of any one. We should appreciate the good work and criticize the bad one equally. New and veteran artists have to take the responsibility on their shoulders to sing quality songs and they must have to keep themselves away from cheap lyrics.”

It is surprising that one youtube user with user name ‘Satinder Sartaj’ has banned the video in question on the ground of his copyright. It could not be confirmed that whether real Sartaj has claimed the copyright of this video or someone else with the ID on Sartaj’s Name.

People are also commenting upon the newly launched video motiya chameli. According to various fans of Sartaj video does not sync with the theme of the song. It is mostly a commercail video which does not have the essence of the lyrics. Most of the fans are saying that when they listen his songs, they visualize them according to lyrics, but they got disappointed when they watched them on screen because they does not match with their expectations. Dolly Sandhu has commented, “The video is far from how I have visualized when I heard the lyrics first.”

Therefore it is time for Sartaj to rethink and mend his ways to get back his respectful image. Now it is in the womb of time that how Sartaj takes these views of his fans whom made him the ‘Sartaaj’.

PS: Above report is based on the views expressed by online users of the forum and we have tried over best to interpret and represent their views as they have been expressed originally at source. Few comments has been translated into English from Punjabi with our best effort to keep them intact.  Even after that if some one feels that his/her comments are not projected accordingly they can contact us or comment below the post. We will listen and reply every query.






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