Court banned release of Yamley Jatt Yamley

Punjabi Cinema is still in its infant stage, but financial issues are soaring up and creating problems between producers and distributors. Few days back during the premier show of Buraahhh…in Chandigarh audience witnessed scuffle between a female producer and others. Now one of the producers of film Yamley Jatt Yamley has drawn another producer to court. Court has banned the release of the movie. Yamley Jatt Yamley was scheduled to release on 23rd November before the court order came.
According to news report published in leading Hindi Newspaper from Chandigarh, Mumbai City Court has banned the release of Yamley Jatt Yamley on the petition moved by Cinevelly Productions, Mohali. In the news report, it is highlighted that court has ordered to submit the prints and negatives of the film until issues between Cinevelly, Savv-Pal and Batra Showbiz are sorted out. Further clarifying the issue report says that Cinevelly and Savv-Pal initially produced the movie. According to contract Sav-Pal has to pay rupees 50 Lacs before the release of the movie. Savv-Pal has given a check of the above amount which was bounced latter. Meanwhile Sav-Pal sold the distribution rights to Batra Showbiz. Next hearing is due on 29 December.






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