Diljit is number one in…

Diljit is number one in lending his voice to vulgar lyrics. Under the banner of ‘Istri Jagriti Manch’ a movement was started today with the launch of protest outside the ‘Panga’ boy Diljit’s house at Ludhiana (Punjab).

  Withstanding the extreme cold conditions, a large crowd of women gathered outside the house of Diljit. The leader of ‘Istri Jagriti Manch’, Gurbaksh Kaur Sangha declared, “It is out of greed for fame and money that the singers have brought down the standards of Punjabi songs to an all-time low.” She also added that women are only looked upon as mere “show-pieces”. And it is because of this approach that crime against women is increasing day by day.
One of the members of the Manch, Amandeep Kaur said that Diljit Dosanjh had been placed on top of the list for singing substandard songs, whereas Geeta Jaildar and Gippy Grewal were ranked second and third, respectively.
“Our aim of organising this protest is to convey a message to the entertainment industry that they cannot tolerate such indecent comments in the name of entertainment. We are totally against women being portrayed in a bad light and have decided to raise our voice against each and every singer, who indulges in this practice for popularity,” added Gurbax Kaur.
The Manch had carried out a survey in villages of Patiala, Jalandhar, Sangrur, Barnala and Nawanshahr districts of the State and prepared a list of singers who were allegedly using indecent language and remarks against women in their songs.

In the survey, Diljit Dosanjh had been placed on top of the list for singing substandard songs, whereas Geeta Jaildar and Gippy Grewal were ranked second and third, respectively.

Diljit’s cousin was present when the crowd gathered outside his house. In a bid to soothe the hurt nerves and to keep things under control, Diljit’s brother said that if the songs sung by Diljit have hurt the sentiments of a particular community, he ought to be punished for that. He also assured the protestors that as soon as Diljit comes back after finishing the shoot, he will contact the ‘Istri Jagriti Manch’ and whatever decision is agreed upon will be made public through the press. It was after this assurance that the protestors agreed to suspend their protest outside Diljit’s residence but they also issued a warning that if Diljit does not contact them by 12 January, a series of protests would be again started.
Photos contributed by: Kuldeep Lohat and Kulwant Singh Mararr from Ludhiana
Report: Just Panjabi Beureu with Kuldeep Lohat from Ludhiana



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6 responses to “Diljit is number one in…”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    protest at diljeet's house

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Great job……. these singers had to learn n
    respect women n our culture ..there are many mor singers wo need to be taught………

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Diljit is best. He is true punjabi boy.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Ya u right. He is so handsome punjabi boy. I love him very much

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    i dont think protesting in front of singers house will acheive anything. The Protests should be aimed at the music companies who market and produce such songs.If we want to stop anti-women songs than we have to stop listening to them and not have our kids listen to them. Stop dancing on them at parties and playing them in your cars/homes.Call the channels that market them and complain. Boycott such channnels.Singers sing what music companies want and music companies produce what gives them most profit. NO profit=no anti-women, voilence provoking lyrics/songs!!

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    pfftt, Diljit is first, but Honey Singh doesn't seem to be on the list? WTF?

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