Dipesh Rahi Wins Voice of Punjab Season 4 | 2013

Dipesh Rahi Winner Voice of Punjab Season 4 | 2013
Dipesh Rahi Winner Voice of Punjab Season 4 | 2013

The owner of a melodious voice that mesmerizes one and all; the one, who sings not just with his voice but with his heart and soul, Dipesh Rahi, the young lad from Fatehabad, Haryana is the winner of Voice of Punjab – Season 4. The decision of declaring him the winner given by the judges, Harbhajan Maan, Atul Sharma, Salim and Sachin Ahuja, was hailed by all. Harmanpreet Kaur from Amritsar is the first runner up and Gurbinder Singh from Ludhiana, the second runner up. 

The anchor of the programme was Satinder Satti. Apart from being a flop in her attires and being overloaded with kilograms of make-up, she made some big blunders. In the presence of big names from Punjabi music industry like Harbhajan Maan, Lakhwinder Wadali and Salim, she declared after her out of tune performance that she is a performer and she doesn’t need to be a singer for that. 
It was an obvious and justified judgment as his performance edged past the other contenders. Although he had to face tough competition from Gurbinder in the Sufi round, yet he managed to surpass him. 
The show started with the performance of Ranjit Bawa. Satinder Satti performed on the songs from her upcoming album. Badshah, accompanied by Indeep Bakshi and his team, had the audience up on its feet. Miss Pooja churned out her popular solo and duet songs and finally winded up her performance with Boliyan. Then it was time for the much awaited performance of the day by Diljit Dosanjh. He sang the songs live in his own style and kept the audience spell-bound. He started with ‘Fan Bhagat Singh’, followed by ‘Truck’, ‘Radio’. The atmosphere was full of comedy and the audience was thrown into peels of laughter, when Mintu, winner of Laughter the Master – Season 2, cracked jokes. The situation turned all the more hilarious when he started begging for money from all the artists there. He also took permission from the artists present and mimicked them. Things were even funnier when he took with him Lakhwinder Wadali’s sunglasses. 
Lakhwinder Wadali cast his spell on the audience with his inimitable style and voice. His rendition of sufi music and popular songs was equally appreciated. While he looked elegant and well-dressed in blue and green shades, he enthralled the audience with his multi-faceted and multi-coloured voice. 
At the end of his performance, Lakhwinder Wadali invited all the judges on stage. On audience’s request Salim sang a song, and Harbhajan Maan’ also presented a song from his upcoming album (Hey! So you got the info that a new album is coming soon). Harbhajan Maan also promised that he would perform, if given a chance, in the next programme organized by PTC Punjabi. 
In the beginning all the six finalists, Dipesh Rahi, Harmanpreet Kaur, Gurbinder Singh, Hargun Kaur, Hardeep Singh and Sunny Mittal, gave a tough fight to each other in various rounds. Things reached a peak in the filmy round after which three (Sunny  Mittal, Hargun Kaur and Hardeep Singh) out of the six contestants were eliminated. Next was the Sufi round and Own Choice round. Both the rounds did not witness much competition as it was Dipesh, who was outstanding in both and he got standing ovation from the judges in both the rounds, which clearly showed that he was the most deserving. 
The judges and the President of PTC Network, Rabindra Narayan; CEO and Director, Rajie M. Shinde presented a cheque of rupees of fifty thousand to Gurbinder, seventy-five thousand to Harmanpreet, one lakh to Dipesh Rahi. In addition to the winning amount, Dipesh Rahi also received the gift of a Dubai trip and a car. The winner, Dipesh, will also get a chance to record an album and a chance to sing for PTC Motion Pictures. 
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