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Pujabi Film Sardaarji | Diljit Neeu Mandy
Pujabi Film Sardaarji | Diljit Neeu Mandy
Jaggi (Diljit Dosanjh), who is an orphaned boy gifted with special powers to communicate with spirits. The film revolves around his funny encounters with different ghosts and how he solve their problems. It then shows him jet-setting to England from India to catch a mesmerizing lady ghost (Neeru Bajwa) to help solve the dilemma of a couple who has unknowingly booked a possessed castle as their wedding venue. To add to the trouble, the wedding is to be attended by a special esteemed guest – the Royal Highness of England. With no option to change the venue or the date and the couple having tried every ghost hunter in the world, Jaggi is the couple’s last ray of hope for a peaceful wedding. Will he able to convince the beautiful witch to leave the castle during the couple’s marriage?

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