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by Deep Jagdeep Singh
The story of ‘Jatt Boys: Putt Jattan De’ was the same as was expected from the trailors, but of course, there was some newness in it. The story was the same typical story of Putt Jattan de or Jatt and his land. There’s one Jatt, who has ample agricultural land, has all the resources of a wealthy person and exercises power and control in his area. There’s one of his acquaintances, who has his evil intentions of grabbing the Jatt’s land. He plays a trick and there ensues a fight, at the end of the which the conspiring friend is defeated and the Jatt comes out unscathed.

film review jatt boys putt jattan de
Poster | Jatt Boys Putt Jattan De

From here begins the story of the film. But this time there is not just one Jatt, rather there are two Jatt friends, who love each other like brothers (Guggu Gill and Om Puri) or should we say brothers like friends. There’s another Jatt (Sardar Sohi), who is incited by the same conspiring friend (Mohammed Siddique) and picks up a fight with the Jatt brothers. This incident happened twenty years back. 
Now the sons of two brothers, Sanwal (Sippy Gill) and Waris (Aman Dhaliwal) come into picture, who study in college and belong to the culture of the modern urban youth and indulge into everything a college going youngster does in films or music videos. They don’t talk to each other but they have one principle ‘if we don’t talk to each other, we don’t even fight with each other’. Then a third (Isha Rikhi) comes, who is the daughter of the third Jatt. Both fall in love with her. Then what follows, you all can easily guess that the ones who did not speak with each other, did not fight with each other, finally fought with each other. Now you would say that the rest of the story would be about who won the battle, and who lost. But that is not the whole story. This is where the story takes a new turn. 
There was another of the wise Jatts’ from the history (Rahul Dev), who have not appeared till now, or you can say the Director hadn’t asked him to appear, returns and gives the Jatt boys a wise advice to which they both agree but still the matter is not fully solved. Actually the third one, who had appeared earlier, is the root cause of all the problem; she is obstinately stuck at a point. Now what happens next, should not be revealed here, else the whole story would stand exposed. Even otherwise, not much is left to be seen, still let’s leave it here for those who have not yet seen the movie! Oh yes! This is just one side of the new story. Actually the conspiring Jatt too has a son Yabli (Prince Kanwaljit Singh), who takes advantage of the fight between the Jatt boys and that too with a personal secret motive, which I am not going to reveal here. 
There are two major highlights about the film: the first is the one I have explained above in detail, that is, the story. Prince Kanwaljit Singh, who is an experienced theater actor, has established with this film that he is good at writing film stories too. He not just searches for new angles in the old stories but also gives them a new shades through his invented fresh angles. So the first credit of making a good film goes to him. The next in line is the Director, Simarjit Singh Hundal. He has made a few but technically sound videos. The challenge of making a good film was there in front of him in the form of ‘Jatt Boys’. And now the judgment is written on the wall. So if the film is a pleasure to watch on the big screen, it is all because of the Director. Now you know that the film has two bridegrooms and this was all praise about them.
Let’s come to the shortcomings of the film. Where on the one side, Prince was able to add freshness to the story but he failed to maintain his grip over the story in the climax. The screenplay begins to falter in between. The end of the film could have been better. Even in real life the life of a Jatts has more dramatic occurrences, which Prince and Hundal could not bring about to happen in the end. And that is precisely why the end seems dragged and heavy. It is not good to spoil beautiful things in the end. 
This was related to things behind the curtain. Now let’s talk about the people on the screen. This was the first film of Sippy Gill as an actor. He has already enjoyed the fame he deserves as a singer. It is a very plus point that nowhere does he appear to be a singer in this film. He did justice to his character of a Jatt, who is a psycho lover. Even in his real life he has it in his own way what he decides to, hence, he could very easily play his real character on screen. The real test of his acting would be in more films in future. Aman Dhaliwal was the same as he appears to be in his earlier films. The role of a simple and ordinary boy don’t suit him much. He is more attractive in his character in the beginning of the film. If I say that while putting to practice his evil designs. If I would say that Prince Kanwaljit Singh stands out as a real hero, then the rest might be offended by it but they won’t be able to deny it. He has touched new heights in comedy, tragedy and villainous acts. It were his eyes, his face and his villainous smile that said it all, he didn’t need any special words to express. But when he speaks up, the effect is doubled.
Guggu Gill and Sardar Sohi also played their characters well. Nobody can match the skills of Om Puri but the part he was given to play in ‘Jatt Boys’ did not seem to be suitable for him at all. His body language could not match the natural behaviour of the traditional Jatts. Otherwise he has tried to exhibit his best. I’ll say the same thing about Isha Rikhi as well. She hardly seemed to be a Punjaban. Even otherwise she did not have much to do in the film apart from being a beautiful showpiece. The two girls as her friends also fared well. 
The whole act revolving around Jaswinder Bhalla, Khushi and Shama was superfluous and tasteless. This part neither was something that makes one laugh nor was it entertaining enough. Rather it just stretched the story uselessly and puts extra burden on it. Bhalla should venture beyond this stagnation. Karamjeet Anmol too seemed to be repeating himself. Mukki too was not needed in the film. Rahul Dev made his mark with even a very short role and also successful in giving a message. 
Among other positive points of the film is its cinematography. The cameraman left no stone unturned in making the film scenes more creative and impactful. The action in the film adds stars to the film. Even the camera work done in action scenes is worth all the praise, although there a few jerks which point towards the flaws in editing. It could have been made better with some more effort.
The music of the film is average, though Garry Sandhu’s song ‘Ik paase dil ik paase jaan…’ and Karamjit Anmol’s ‘Yaara Ve’ are quite impressive.
‘Jatt Boys’ provides the much needed ray of hope in the era of senseless comedies and that too without good stories in Punjabi cinema. The film is definitely watchable and entertaining because of good direction, likeable story and some good characters too.


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