Film Review | Sardaarji | A ‘Ghost’ copy of Jatt and Juliet series

Movie Review Sardaarji by Deep Jagdeep Singh

Yes! Sardaaji is a film about ghosts and a ghost catcher, but one more ghostly thing is also associated with it. Its story is a ghost copy of Jatt and Juliet series films. Like in ghost writing someone writes a piece of writing and it is published on someone else’s name. Simply it is originally the story of Jatt and Juliet one and two with a ghostly twist added by writer Dheeraj Rattan and Director Rohit Jugraj, it becomes the story of Sardaarji. I am not blaming them for palagarism; I am just trying to convey that there is nothing much original or new. 
Film Review | Sardaarji | Diljit | Neeru Bajwa | Mandy Takhar
Film Review | Sardaarji | Diljit | Neeru Bajwa | Mandy Takhar
Let’s get into the story first then I we will get into the similarities. Story revolves around a Sardaarji, known as Jaggi. Jaggi (Diljit Dosanjh) is an orphan, but famous for his ghost catching skills. He can catch any dreaded ghost for just 500 rupees. One more skill is bestowed by him is that he has a soft corner for female ghosts. Moreover he is in search of a queen ghost with whom he wants to get married. He has no interest in living human beings especially girls. 

A big twist comes into his life when a luxury castle which is booked for a royal wedding, but unfortunately is haunted by a beautiful hag Pinky (Neeru Bajwa). The marriage is to be attended by queen of England , therefore it is impossible to shift the venue or dates because everything is locked accordingly. The only option remains is that if Hag agrees to shift to some another haunt this wedding ceremony can happen. And none other than Jaggi is called to England (like fateh singh goes to England). Jaggi is also known for his charm and the way he impresses female ghosts. Initially Pinky does not get impressed and tries to expel him out of the castle but mildly, You know ‘Punjabi bhoot e bahraley mulkan ch Punjabi bhoot catcher de kamm ayunde aa’. Have you heard it earlier? Let it be. Gradually they start getting into each other and Neeru offers to leave the castle only if her conditions are fulfilled. Here begins Jaggi’s new mission and during this he gets bumped into Jasmine Gill (Mandy Takhar). Again he tries to impress her with his funny charm, after initial hiccups she falls for him with full intensity. But all is not well. There emerges the biggest jolt of the story and most complicated crisis of Jaggi’s life. His castle of lies is on the verge of falling (like it falls when shapatan learns about Fateh’s reality). 

Diljit going to foreign land for a mission, playing his charming tricks, quarrels between would be lovers and surprising the goras with his Punjabi attitude is what all have again seen in Sardaarji, which we have already see in his previous films. Though DIljit proves his fineness in his comic timing and charming style of acting but he looks repetitive and stagnant as an actor. There is no difference in between Fateh and Jaggi at all. What Rohit Jugraj and Dheeraj Rattan has done in this venture is they have added a fantasy into the earlier story. Instead of marrying a pakki Canada wali kudi Jaggi wants to marry a London wali maharani chudail. 
Rohit has already set the expectations high with his top notch screenplay of Jatt James Bond. But for Sardaarji, he loses control. Thus film looks good in fractions. Diljit’s introduction scene starts in powerful mode but it vanishes in the air without any concrete outcome. Till now there is no front phone camera available with flash light. Diljit must have borrowed it from a ghost to click a selfie on Neeru’s birthday! I could not understand if Jaggi has brought Jaswinder Bhalla for advice then where he disappears when Jaggi faces set backs or how Jaggi forgets to consult him? And from where that white gowned sweater knitting lady ghost comes all of sudden to advice him. Then why Bhalla comes again to bless him with his masterly ashirwaad (Indian Style of blessings)?
While Neeru’s introduction is marvelous and she looks stunning when she appears out of waves. Another biggest glitch of the film is its make-up part. The makeup of Diljit, Neeru and Mandy is so sucked up that it makes them look not so good in most of the film. In the latter part of second half Mandy looks breathe taking. Her innocence and expressive face portrays Jasmine’s heart. For me Mandy is the real heroin of the film as a girl next door, but she needs to work hard on her acting. Neeru delivers her part appropriately. Dijit needs to think beyond his happy go lucky kind of roles. All the other actors have performed their parts well. 

Music is already beating all the charts. Song Veervar as expected arrives at the end credits. Other songs compliment the story and are well captured. Rohit Jugraj and Dheeraj Rattan has tried their best to diversify Punjabi cinema through Sardarji, but I will request them to get some consistency. For die -hard fans of Diljit it is a good one time watch masala film, which they will like in parts, because it gives few good moments to laugh out loud. But who are going for a next level Punjabi film, I beg a pardon, they will get disappointed.

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