Film Review: Sarvann

Seriously, A Pun Intended!
Deep Jagdeep Singh
Rating 1/5

Sarvann tries to explore new dimensions of storytelling in Punjabi cinema, but miserably fails to sustain the huge expectations. Writer Amberdeep


Singh and debutante director Karaan Guliani fail to translate a dependable concept into the scintillating story and a gripping screenplay. Being a first Punjabi production of Priyanka Chopra and Vashu Bhagnani’s release, the audience has very high expectations, but film falls flat.

Young Canadian brat Mithu (Amrinder Gill) is an adventurous drug peddler who takes a wrong turn to get his right hand up in the drug trade. He has to escape to India to witness a reality of his life which transforms him into a responsible man. What all takes to redeem him from his one irredeemable sin, constitute a plot for Sarvann. Will Mithu be able to become a Sarvann Puttar? For this you have to watch the film, but you really need to watch the film or not, to know this read on.

film review sarvann amrinder gill

Sarvann is an anti-hero film, which lacks substance and relies too much upon its characters. Writer Amberdeep draws a realistic character in the skeleton of Mithu; we fall in love with him instantly. Then writer leaves the entire burden on his protagonists to carry forward the journey without giving him any track. Director Karaan Guliani, Instead of guiding, throws him in the rabble of characters to make his own path. Thus he ends up creating a few good frames, good moments, romantic scenes and emotional paraphrasing. Out of 116 minutes of screen time Guliani wastes almost ninety minutes to set the stage with an untailored screenplay without a story. In the later half, inspired from Bollywood flick Tum Bin, as soon as protagonist encounters the reality head on, nothing remains at his disposal to deliver apart from a speedy resolution. He is left with no scope to portray his inner turmoil. You have to move towards the exit with an awful expression on your face screaming loud, ‘is that all?’

In his whole acting journey, Amrinder Gill has taken risks and has tried his best to reach up to the expectations of his fans. Though he has put every effort in his character, but his fans will be disappointed from Sarvann. Gill has tried to don the character of an anti-hero completely opposite to his romantic image and he goes a long way to get into the skin of Mithu. From his style to his limp he carries everything with confidence. Debutante Ranjit Bawa, looks hesitant and promising at the same time. Charming Simi Chahal has nothing to do. Her makeup is loud and portrayal is clumsy. Sardar Sohi is wasted. Anita Meet is terrific as a crestfallen mother. As an actor Amberdeep is a pleasant surprise. The supporting cast is perfectly fine.

Jatinder Shah’s background score lacks freshness and not much in sync. All the songs are good, but their positioning is not much appropriate. Dishaheen Parindey is almost similar to Nadaan Parindey of Rockstar, but Beer Singh has written and sung it with perfection. The cinematography is another saving grace for the film and editing has a lot of scope for improvisation. One star for this leaping attempt. 






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