Film Review | Vaisakhi List

Deep Jagdeep Singh

Rating 2/5

Vaisakhi List is another Punjabi film, which has been hyper-ruined by formula finicky makers. Had they kept the concept unadulterated, film might have been more entertaining and much engrossing. Yes, but still Vaisakhi List keeps the audience engaged and gives an entertaining spin. Yet we expect more matured films from makers like Sameep Kang.


Jarnail (Jimmy Sheirgill) and Tarsem (Sunil Grover aka Guthi) are two prison inmates who are in prison for petty crimes. These crimes are connected with their emotional background. The Film starts with the Tarsem’s plan to run from the prison through a tunnel dug by him after two failed attempts to escape. Before, Tarsem executes his plan, Jarnail learns that his fiancée’s marriage has been fixed with someone else because his parents won’t be marrying her to a criminal. As soon as Tarsem learns about Jarnail’s tragic love story he suggests him to join his plan to escape from the prison. After a little hesitation both runs away from the prison on the eve of Vaisakhi, An auspicious day celebrated in Punjab as a new beginning. Unfortunately, over-generous jailor (Jaswinder Bhalla) who is having a good rapport with Jail minister gets approved their acquittal in lieu of their good behavior at a function to be held in Jail to celebrate Vaisakhi next evening. Now, both have to get back inside the prison within four hours to clean their criminal records and to save jailors job as well. Vaisakhi List takes us on the journey how both gets back into jail so that they can be released as reformed citizens.

film review vaisakhi list
Vaibhav Suman’s story is predictable yet interesting and has a clear mark of Sameep Kang style of film making which is the biggest downside of the film. Yes, Smeep Kang gave us first hugely successful slapstick comedy flick Carry on Jatta, but now he has to get out of the Hangover of it. Film after film he is making Carry on Jatta with different characters on different locations. This time Vaibhav Suman served him with freshly baked idea, but Vaibhav’s and Shreya Srivastava’s screenplay has been overcooked by Sameep himself. He, along with his loyal comrade dialogue writer Naresh Kathooria ruined the whole concept with his tongue in cheek irrelevant comic sequences. Thus, a smooth roller coaster ride of first half turns into a lethargic hilly pony ride in the second half. Khathooria’s dialogues are funny and punching, but they fall flat when they come in the most irritating tone at most crucial situations. Especially, Jailors mindless double meaning encounter with Journalists make it a big no-no for family viewers. Without those narking sequences film might have a pacy second half and more subtle story line up to culmination.

Attributed with immortal characters from Bollywood flicks like Hasil, A Wednesday and Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster, Jimmy Sheirgill once again fails to impress the audience down home. I don’t know why he is becoming more expressionless films after films in here in Punjabi cinema. Either his interest in the film vanishes with the progress of shooting or he feels immense pressure to deliver his Punjabi dialogues, which leaves him with a flat face all the way. Though he touches emotional cords at few moments, but on whole, Sunil Grover aka Guthi does not impress in his debut role as a single father and a poor toy seller. Might be Sameep tried to exploit his Guthi side more than letting him portray his character. Though, Sunil is not draped in ‘her’ iconic attire, but his body language and tone almost reminds us of Guthi at various points.

I have suggested many times earlier and will repeat my suggestion that Jaswinder Bhalla needs to grow up now. Binnu Dhillon, BN Sharma and Bal Mukund Sharma should also follow the similar advice. Prince KJ Singh has been wasted again in another film. He needs to be choosier. Shruti Sodhi’s Punjabi look seems promising on screen, but she needs to work on her dialogue delivery and expressions. Music of the film is apt and absorbing while the background score fits well. The Cinematography is up to the mark. Only two stars for this one time watch Vaisakhi List.






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