Harbhajan Mann’s movie titled ‘Just Punjabi’ is now Untitled

Shooting starts this month, new title will be announced soon

Harbhajan Maan takes the credit for ushering in a new era of Punjabi cinema.His movies generate a lot of curiosity and people start making speculations about his movie, even before the shooting begins. The same has happened in the case of his forthcoming movie, which was earlier titled ‘Just Punjabi’ as announced in the beginning of 2010. Good news for his fans is that the shooting of the same is going to start any time in November, HM has confirmed it on his Facebook profile. His fans can cheer up at this news, but they have to be patient to flaunt about the title. This is because the Team associated with the film has decided to change it.

When HM’s next movie was announced with the working title as ‘Just Punjabi’ his fans were on all fours to know about it. But the whole year passed and shooting did not start. Meanwhile, Harbhajan released his latest album ‘Vaari Vaari’ and got busy in shooting of music videos and promotion of his album. In an informal conversation through online chat with Just Panjabi, director of the film Ksshitij Chaudhry aka Harry Bhaji told that shooting will be starting in November and they are working on deciding upon the final title. Now ‘Just Punjabi’ will not be the title of the film. They will announce the title as soon as it is finalized.






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