Harbhajan Mann’s Yara O Dildara Releasing in August 2011

Ksshitij Chaudhry
Harbhajan Maan

Good news for the fans of Harbhajan Mann. Shooting for the forthcoming movie of HM has been completed few weeks back and post production would start next week. Yara o Dildara will be releasing in cinemas this August around the globe. Director Khssitij Chaudhary aka Harry Bhaji confirmed the update while talking to Just Panjabi in an online informal conference. “I am in love with the movie, because it has been shot up to expections I had while shooting. you will also fall in love with it, when you will watch it” excited Harry added. “Meanwhile along with working on post production I am going to start a new maajor project in few months. Details will be disclosed on the right time. For the time I am greatly hopeful for YoD. Wait for few months please” he concluded.






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