Honey Singh’s Blue Eyes Reviewed by A True Fan

Disha Sethi
A True Fan of Yo Yo

Yo Yo Honey Singh, the young player of the pop music world, is on cloud nine once again these days. The rapper turned singer has released his new single “Blue Eyes” in New York on 8th November, 2013. Till date this video has grabbed more than 2.7 million hits on u-tube. This is just enough for his fans to speak up loud Yo Yo Honeyyyy Singhhhh !!!

Yo Yo Honey Singh | Blue Eyes
Yo Yo Honey Singh | Blue Eyes

Yo Yo is fond of brown Indian beauties and we saw that in one of his previous released track named “Brown Rang”, in which he compared the white girls of foreign with Indian girls having wheatish complexion. Moreover, in his own style, he praised in favor of Indian brown beauties. But this time, he wished for little more. Concept of Blue Eyes is all about the praise of beautiful brown Indian Girls, complementing with blue eyes. That is what lighted up a fire of romance in Honey Singh’s heart and he tried hard to get his girl by implementing all his naughty tricks and killing style. Not only that, Honey Singh has spoken his mind & heart in the form of the lyrics he has written for the song “Blue Eyes”.

The video is all so classy & colorful as always. Royal start with Honey Singh driving a brand new Lamborghini car. Two beautiful brown girls hanging out in the local market. Glowing night scenes of local market, colorful lights all around presented a cool atmosphere. The facial expressions of Honey Singh while talking to the girl were quiet natural. Direction of this video has been done by Gifty. This man has tried to present many mixed elements to watch in this video.

Honey Singh danced really fantastic in his song Blue Eyes as he amazingly followed the steps of his choreographers Atul & Karan. Yo Yo was looking quiet handsome in black & white and grey suits during dance shots. He also carried out himself so well, wearing cool casuals while interacting with the model in short yellow dress.

Honey Singh is pretty much confident about the power of his music. He is an international star now. His style of music production has become a kind of brand mark. Moreover, he is not less than a one man army being a great performer. The one who is having so much to offer to fetch any big deal. Whether we talk about the ultimate raps, beat music, sensational singing and more. He has proved his capacity of hard work.

Talking about the lyrics, there are no words to praise as the lyrics are quiet cheap. The guy has shown using awkward language while convincing the girl to be his girl friend. Any family girl may have to stop the song in between if somebody from family enters her room. Despite music was truly rocking and it had the spark to force a first time listener to be a continuous listener.

Honey Singh has nothing to do with culture & moral values. He is simply using the mind, thoughts and habits of the youth of today and conceptualizing all those things in musical art form for making his name world wide popular. He is assure of the uniqueness of his own music production style. He also knows about the great impact that Punjabi music is bringing in Bollywood now a days. So, his one and only aim is to rule in the Bollywood. Is this not mean?

Then what, I am his true fan. And mean too!!!


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  1. There is no music just foul and disgarceful language for women. This man is not worth so much hype. There should be a chittar prade of this disgusting person. We have so many great singers to write about. Rabbi Shergill who is world famous for his music & clean lyrics. If we talk about rapper We had Apache indian who was so good with so many super hit songs.

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