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A new look, a new style and a very new avatar, with his latest flick Taur Mittran Di Amrinder Gill has gone through a personality make over. His fans know and like him as a soft and romantic guy, but in TMD he is ruling the mafia world from Ludhiana to Mullanpur. Just Panjabi Correspondent caught him during a promotional event and here is a quick interview with Amrinder Gill.

You have taken a big risk of image makeover; would your fans be able to accept it?
Yes, there might be a risk in that but as an actor I am a performer. My first priority is to get into the shoes of the character. It was the demand of the story. During the promotional campaign I am getting tremendous response from fans. They have loved me in my romantic mood, I hope they will shower their love upon my new avatar too.

But you have gone beyond just image makeover, you actually have experienced adventure of river rafting. Were you nervous about the adventure?
Yes I was very nervous. Actually I am a water phobic person. Even when I go to hair saloon, I get afraid of water shower. Firstly, I thought there would be two three scences in the boat only. But after reaching the location when director Navniat Singh explained the scenes it was surprising for me. I decided to give it a try and we shot almost for a whole day. I enjoyed it a lot. After the pack up I said that I am going do it again definitely. I am just waiting for my next break. (Giggles)

You are playing a character which represents contemporary youth. How much is this character related to your own Khalsa college days?
I am almost living those days again through this movie. Those were the days of action and fights. So a lot of things are inspired from my Khalsa College days.

Many of your fans wanted to know about your real life love story. What would you like to tell them?
For that they have to wait for my biography. Till then keep enjoying my music, keep showering your blessing and love, don’t forget to come in cinemas on 11th May to watch Taur Mittran Di. After all it’s my birth day. (Smiles)


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