Jogiya, Gurdas Maan on TV Channels this Monday

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Gurdas Maan’s new song from his latest album ‘Jogiya’ is going to be released in the coming week. In the title song viewers will be in surprise as they will get to see their all time favourite Gurdas Maan in five different forms simultaneously in the video. This has been made possible just because of the creative use of high video shooting and editing technology. The director of the video is none other than Gurdas Maan’s wife, Manjeet Maan.


The video has been shot on a beach. Gurdas Maan will be seen in the attire of a Jogi as well as the modern western attire. What might be of special interest to the viewers is that Gurdas Maan is the only model in the whole video. This has been done for the first time by any legendary singer.

According to sources connected to Sai productions Entertainment, “The video is slated for release on 21 February, 2011 across Punjabi music channels internationally.” So just wait and watch the video!


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