‘Kolaveri Di’ in Punjabi

The Punjabis have once again proved their creativity with more than one versions of the current ‘anthem’ of India ‘Kolaveri Di’. The Punjabi version ‘Kolaveri Di ft. Pinky Mogey Wali’ by DesiRoutz group is the one that had created ripples on the Youtube on the very first day it was released there. Who has forgotten ‘Pinky Mogey Wali’, the much talked about character in ‘Jihne Mera Dil Luteya’. The name has been on every Punjabi’s lips ever since the release of the movie. The same has been the case with ‘Kolaveri di’.

The song has been much talked about in the electronic media as well as print media. Even Amitabh Bachchan couldn’t resist tweeting about it saying it was “innovative and fun”. I am sure it must have been as much fun for the members of DesiRoutz, that is, Raj Buttar, Hardeep Singh, Angrej Singh and Channi Singh, in producing this song.

So listen to it here and enjoy! Punjabis rock!!!


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