Kuldeep Manak and Jazzy B – ‘Maharajas’

A fantastic news for all the die-hard lovers of Punjabi music is soon coming their way on September 10, 2011. The ‘Maharajas’ of Punjabi music industry Jazzy B and Kuldeep Manak will be releasing their brand new album entitled ‘Maharajas’. The album also features the young talented Kuldeep Manak’s son, Yudhveer Manak.

Album Title: Maharaja’s
Singers: Jazzy B, Kuldeep Manak and Yudhveer Manak
Music: Sukshinder Shinda
Release Date: 10 September, 2011
Music Company: Speed Records

Jazzy Bains aka Jazzy B was in Vancouver in mid-July (2011) for the shooting of a video of a song from the latest ‘Maharajas’ under the able direction of Baljit Deo (Deo Studios) of ‘Jag Jeondeyan de Mele’ fame.
It was on July 14, 2011 when Jazzy B announced the name of his new album and also made a special mention that he’ll be working with Kuldeep Manak and his son, Yudhveer Manak. A few months prior to that when Yudhveer Manak recovered from a critical state, it was none other than Jazzy B, who came forward to help the family as the treatment of Yudhveer was too costly. Anyway, all’s well that ends well.
So now just wait the important date, that is, September 10, 2011, when the ‘Maharajas’ are coming to sweep you off your feet in joy! Heartfelt prayers for Kuldeep Manak, Jazzy B and Yudhveer Manak for the success of their album! Amen!






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  1. jaspreet singh Avatar

    jazzy b……………chadayi a 22ji tuhadi…..i like u r song & i m wating u r album very much……..

  2. jaspreet singh Avatar

    U r hair style is very ghaint 22ji………

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