Movie Preview: Appan Pher Milange

Gulab and Rajdeep are students of MA Final. None knows when their love blossomed and flowered in all its fullness and fragrance but their love was envy of all. Gulab is also madly fond of Rajdeep’s sweet and melodious voice.
Rajdeep tells Gulab about his meeting with the MD of a Music Company. Gulab expresses her happiness and Rajdeep tells her that after the release of his first music album they will get married.There are one younger sister and brother alongwith her parents in Gulab’s family. Everybody is greatly excited with joy at Gulab’s return after completing studies. Lally with some secret in her heart teases and badgers Gulab. Gulab caught hold or her pony and asks that why she is laughing so much, what is the problem with her. Tomorrow my (Jija Ji) brother in law is coming to present engagement ring to my dear sister” responded Lally. Before stunned Gulab wants to react her parents enter the room. Her mother enfolds her arms around Gulab and says God has rewarded her prayer and a very good boy of well established family in Canada is coming here tomorrow. They are asking for an early marriage with in a month, my child you are very lucky. Once you will go to Canada you can sponsor your younger brother and sister there. It appears to Gulab that with a single stroke of pendulum all her dreams are shattered and all the desires are dashed to ground. Still she is not able to believe that her parents will seal her destiny like this.. Three days before the marriage Gulab and Rajdeep meet outside the village with uncontrollable anger and his voice full of remonstress he questions the statue like motion less Gulab. But with no expression in her eyes and no emotion on her face automatically conveyed Rajdeep that Gulab has resigned to her fate.It is the ‘D’ Day, ceremonies of Gulab marriage are performed. Her parents spent money like any thing. After all groom is a Canadian Citizen.
After two weeks Gulab’s husband returns to Canada with a promise that he will send the papers and Gulab will be with him with in six months.After few weeks the Gulab’s husband stop calling her back. Gulab’s father tries to establish telephonic contact but only to receive a bad reply from some stranger no man with the name Jag or Joginder never lived here. The news alarmed the family to great extent and the environment saddened further when one of Subedar Gurmail’s friend from Canada informed that the man for whom he has solicited enquiry is not traceable. The thought of bad news descended the pal of gloom on entire family. There are thousands cases in Punjab where grooms from Canada never returned to Punjab after getting married here. Gulab listened as a duff & dumb being. After lot of hard work and efforts put by some friends & distant relatives in Canada the worst fear came true and another tale of deserted bride silently clipped all the wings of hope. It is the same irony of fate which has fallen like a bolt upon the thousands daughters of the land of five rivers. Nears and dears stand cursing the girl that it is her hard luck that has caused misery. To add salt to the injury a Doctor declared that Gulab is pregnant and abortion is not possible.
Gulab gives birth to a child. Parents do not like the child and thought if there was no child they could have married Gulab again. I want to go to Canada informed Gulab. Rajdeep lost his voice in  disbelief “Canada, What for” He blasted. Gulab standing like a statue, “To locate the killer of my, my child’s and my family’s peace, to take the revenge of every single tear rolled out of my eyes” said Gulab. Indian Airlines, Jambo Jet lands on the Peerson Airport of Toronto and Gulab exits out of Airport with his child. And how Gulaab finds her husband and how she punish him is the crux of the story.


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