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synopsis punjabi film Once Upon A Time in Amritsar

Every mortal being strives to understand his purpose in life. The plot of the upcoming Punjabi Thriller ‘Once Upon A Time in Amritsar’ by Banwait Films and Cinevision Films revolves around one such gripping story where Dilpreet and Gurjind chase behind their ultimate purpose in life.

Dilpreet and Gurjind set out to Amritsar, the holy abode of Sikhs, in search for the ulterior motive of their life and ask the Satguru to direct them towards the fulfillment of that motive. After seeking the blessings of Almighty at the Golden temple, fate rolls the dice and their life undergoes a twist.

The movie encompasses Dilpreet’s and Gurjind’s struggle to grasp the larger essence of the twist of destiny. This intriguing movie keeps you on the edge.






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