Movie Review: Chana Sachi Muchi: Entertainment Coated Message

Edited By Amritbir Kaur

Flawless screenplay, fresh story, brain hammering twists and turns and up to the mark acting – these are the keywords that sum up the film ‘Chana Sachi Muchi’ in a few words. As soon as a question arises in your mind, the director speaks through his characters and puts to rest every query. Climax is the out of box idea and shows the capability of director who himself is the writer. Though Goldy Sumal is holding the film on his shoulders, but if I say the real hero is Harinder Gill (Director/Writer), I will not be over rating him. He knows well how to keep under control the story, characters and the actors. After a long span of time, a Punjabi movie has been produced, which I strongly recommend as a must-watch for every age group. Wait a minute, if you are thinking that there are no flaws, then read till the end!
First the positive ones, the biggest assets of the film are its strong screenplay and story. Ace writer and director Harinder Gill has addressed the social menace in well- knit plot with entertainment coated eye candy story. Film starts with the high action drama. Goldy Sumal’s entry is remarkable. Action packed beginning makes the heart beat faster and the audience sticks to its seats. Now enters the fun loving Sukh (Miss Pooja). She soothes with her charm and nasty acts in her college and home. In the first half, pace is so breath taking that you feel yourself flowing with the story. Sometimes a question comes in mind, isn’t it happening so fast and illogically? But believe me it is close to the reality and makes the audience fall in line with the story. Jas Dhillon’s presence and his expressions make the tension more intense.
Now the first flaw, voice over on Jas’s dialogues (which resembles to veteran actor and well known villain of Pollywood Deep Dhillon) does not suit appropriately on him. In the beginning when you listen to him you exclaim like “Dum hai munde di awaaz ch”, but when you realize that it is someone else’s voice, you fall back. Actually it has not been gelled wisely with Jas. Sometimes it goes much louder and irritates. Jas, with his strong expressions overpowers this shortcoming. Rana Ranbir’s sub-plot with comic appeal compliments the story. Not only it gives amusing moments during tense situation, but also enhances the impact of the main plot. Many scenes are commendable and memorable. The scene when Pooja first time argues with Barey Bey Ji (Aneeta Sabdeesh) and the scene when Goldy encounters Aneeta are outstanding. Even the dailougues in these scenes are remarkable, especially ‘Na main mirza…’
The climax is quite powerful. When Pooja takes law in her hands, firstly we think that why did she have to do that when law was working appropriately, but as soon as this question flashes in the mind of audience, director through Sukh speaks aloud about the rotten system. This makes the film most sensible and worth watching. In the scene when Goldy pulls baba’s chappal and beats him, director hammers the sharpest nail in the coffin of ‘Derawaad’ issue of Punjab and preaches to the public to choose the right path. On the terms of acting, Goldy has again proved that he can get into skin of his character very well. He portrays every required emotion, from aggression, love and grief to cruelty. But that is not enough; he has to work hard on his body language and improve upon his facial expressions as well. Pooja also appropriately grasped her character and gave her best effort to live upto the demands of the character of Sukh on screen. Again this credit goes to writer/director because he has penned her character according to her capabilities and exploited these capabilities with his directorial skills. Still she has to work very hard to establish herself as an actress. Jas Dhillon has given his best shot as Nishan. As a crooked brother he plays his character well and leads the nexus of drug peddler, saint and politician appropriately. Rana Ranbir’s character seems to be written for him especially and he fits well into it. A fat guy in the character of Halwayee (the cook/sweet seller) has also done a commendable job. Character played by his wife is also funny and entertaining. Girl playing the character of Jashan has nothing much to do. Final culmination of both the plots strikes the human chords. Cinematography is of top notch quality. Music almost fits well with the development of the story, but song ‘sharabiya’ has been forcibly patched into the story. It could be avoided. Some scenes need to be elaborated more. Costumes in the first half are much brighter. Goldy looks much better in second half. Editing is also appropriate. Final verdict: a story based on social issues, presented in entertaining package. A must watch for every school & college going youngster, the elderly and women. Watch it for Goldy Sumal and Harinder Gill’s tremendous work, but if you really hate Miss Pooja and can’t bear her film’s success you can stay back.







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