Movie Review: Mirza-The Untold Story

Hardcore promotion, high expectations, house packed opening, Glittering on and off screen names and the end result, mixed reactions. Though Just Panjabi reviewers are still underway in writing the review of Mirza-the untold story, but we have received a public (re)view from all around the globe and most of the viewers expressed their disappointment.

All of them have liked the production quality but content lacks to mesmerize them. According to Raman Brar from Australia, all cinemas in his city were house full on very first day. “It is a long movie without any extra excitement. Promos were much better than final product”, he added. Hardeep from Ludhiana told that it was house full in all the multiplexes there. Mirza was his first preference but he was forced to watch Housefull 2 after failing to get tickets for most awaited Punjabi flick.

On the other hand a young lad from Amritsar Amit Malhotra shouted with excitement that movie is excellent with excellent performances. Pathankot viewers accepted the performance whole heartedely. Sarabjot Baweja said that Gippy has performed well while his favourite Honey Singh rocks all the way. He has watched the movie in a fully packed hall. Vikas Sharma from Jalandhar was hesitant and with a low tone he said, “It was not good enough. It will be better not to talk about it.”  Ratish Gupta from Phagwara, a big fan of Baljit Singh Deo, said, “Mirza is total time and money waste. BIG DISSAPPOINTMENT. Marketing was strong but movie is poor. Love you Baljit Singh Deo. I am biggest fan of your work, but sorry for Mirza.”
The biggest untold story is, will it be able to recover its huge production budget? Or Mirza’s success will remain untold? Go out. watch Mirza-The Untold Story and share your views about it.


3 responses to “Movie Review: Mirza-The Untold Story”

  1. This movie was an absolute piece of SHIT! Little that I know about original Mirza Sahiba story; there's nothing "UNTOLD" about this bogus crap!! The acting's absolutely shity, the girl pissed me off her voice is so annoying, that lil faggot honey singh can't keep a straight face and what about those 2 retarded comedian and their deal with moga story? Go ahead and remove the comment if ya want but all I wanna say that this movie is a complete waste of time, depicting zero talent and no scope what so ever! A kid in middle school can make a better video thatn this lame ass fucked up shit! HORRIBLE WORST MOVIE EVERRRR!!!

  2. Mr. Reporter? Why ask people to waste their money?

  3. Hi this is Parminder singh (36) from Ludhiana. I watched Mirza in a houseful multiplex today, watching promos from so many days the expectations were very high thats why at the end of movie everybody was disappointed mainly editor has totally failed in this project otherwise everybody has given best but because of some links are missing the editing work is a big seams to missing in its own suspense

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