Movie Review | Super Singh:Story Resistant!

Deep Jagdeep Singh
Rating 2/5

Star Cast: Diljit Dosanjh, Sonam Bajwa, Pavan Malhotra, Navnindra Behal, Rana Ranbir, Alexandra BandeanDirected by Anurag SinghStory: Anurag Singh | Screenplay: Dheeraj Rattan, Anurag Singh
Dailogue: Jagdeep Singh, Rupinder Inderjit, Anurag Singh

The cheapest superhero film of the world and the costliest film of Punjabi cinema, Super Singh is good enough to be super ignored.


In the absence of a substantial story, a superhero can only make fun of himself; which is what Super Singh does too.

Sajjan Singh (Diljit Dosanjh), who proudly loves to call himself as Sam, is a student in Canada. He has a crush on Kathey (Alexandra Bandean) who refuses to accept him as her boyfriend for her dislike of the turban. Broken Sajjan decides to chop off his hair and remove the turban. On the other hand, his best friend Twinkle (Sonam Bajwa), who secretly loves him, returns to Punjab after realizing Sajjan’s ignorance for her love and infatuation for Kathy. Suddenly Sajjan’s body starts behaving super differently; consequently turning this good-for-nothing Singh into Super Singh. How Super Singh saves the world? Which dangers engulf him and his loved one’s lives? Answers to these simple yet most relevant questions form the rest of the story.
Anurag Singh has wisely chosen the concept which relates to Sikh youngsters as well as older ones living across the globe. The dying tradition of wearing turban and unshorn hairs is looked as a major crisis to the Sikh identity and culture. To reinstate the value of turban in the younger generation, Anurag Singh tries to establish turban into a metaphor of invincible powers. For this he weaves a narrative around a simple Sikh guy who gets super powers as soon as he starts wearing a particular turban which was blessed by one of the revered ten masters of Sikhism.
Along with Dheeraj Rattan he tries to pin down a screenplay, which has a cocktail of super hero like a Spiderman obviously minus cobwebs, romance, comedy and a lot of emotions. But Super Singh lacks a concrete story. The first half is funny, almost in line with Anurag’s earlier rom-coms, sets a funny romantic atmosphere without any newness. Moreover, you will feel like watching Jatt and Juliet series. The sequence where Sam discovers his super powers is funny and engaging. In the second half, Super Singh, starts tumbling down; completely relying on emotions, fun and a bit of cheaply executed VFX. Super Singh could be remembered for one of Anurag Singh’s most bizarre climax. Another problem with the script is being highly preachy and loud at various junctures.

Undoubtedly Anurag Singh is a master filmmaker and he can handle any subject with ease. He tries to pull the Super Singh completely with the charm of Diljit and succeeds in parts. Dialogue by Jagdeep Singh, Rupinder Inderjit, Anurag Singh are the hallmarkof Diljit style comedy.
Like flying Jatt Super Singh tries to resell the miserably failed idea of stereotyping the Sikh symbols as super powers. Flying Jatt gets super powers from a tree engraved with Khanda while Super Singh gets his powers from a particular turban. Thus Anurag Singh tries to objectify the religious symbols which go against the Sikh customs. Moreover, Sikh customs are against miracles, worshiping religious objects and Godmen. Super Singh suffers from its own paradox; while at one hand it preaches not to follow Godmen, but stands merely upon the miraculous super powers rendered by the Sikh symbol – the turban.  A bullet and cut proof superhero is sheer exaggeration. The biggest goof up is about concealing the real identity of Super Singh. His face could be masked, but what about the style of turban? Any commoner can recognize him by his style of turban. Rana Ranbir’s whole sequence is needless and poorly executed.

Having a perfect chemistry with Anurag Singh; Diljit knows how to remain Diljit in each of his characters. Thus, Super Singh is no different than his simple Fateh Singh or any other characters earlier played by him. Sonam Bajwa is just okay in bickering scenes. Pavan Raj Malhotra is completely wasted. Why he is accepting such roles where he is mocking himself? The kid Meharbaan Singh as ‘ustad’ is amusing and lovable.
Costume designer Priyanka Mundada has done a commendable job. Anshul Chobey’s perfectly captures the breathtaking Montreal as well as raw Punjab. Raju Singh’s background score adds the fun. Jainder Shah’s music fits into the storyline. Manish More tries his best to keep the clumsy sequences tied together.
If you can watch any superhero film or you are a diehard fan of Diljit, nothing can stop you.


4 responses to “Movie Review | Super Singh:Story Resistant!”

  1. A successful n unbiased analysis

  2. The film is made only to encash Daljit popularity. Good for kids only. And maybe this is the purpose of the Director .

  3. The film is made only to encash Daljit popularity. Good for kids only. And maybe this is the purpose of the Director .

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