Movie Review: Yaara O Dildara

Amritbir Kaur, New Delhi

‘Yaara O Dildaara’ was a usual entertainer with all the already-established formulae of a masala movie. The stage is set in the initial part of the film when the mention is made of Sukhdeep (Harbhajan Maan), who is returning home after winning the Businessman of the Year award. Also another actor, who enters into this scene, is his younger brother Rajbir (Gulzar Inder Chahal).

Gurpreet Ghuggi’s light-hearted, natural and spontaneous comedy added a starry touch to the movie. The library scene is a bit too exaggerated with the students directly challenging the librarian of the college, Gurpreet Ghuggi.
The first appearance of Rajbir (Gulzar Inder Chahal) in the college is the fight scene between him and his seniors, who were indulging in ragging of students including Harleen (Jonita Doda). The ragging scene in the beginning of the movie was such a stereotype scene that the viewer feels as if he is watching just any other movie. There is an abrupt change in the scene from college to a happening party and the song ‘Happy hai ji’ that marks the entry of Sukhdeep (Harbhajan Maan) in the movie ‘Yaar O Dildaara’. An attempt to churn out a peppy number with ‘Happy hai ji’ didn’t turn out to be an excellent one. The product was just an average song with the not-so-appealing lyrics.
Sudden display of interest of Sukhdeep (Harbhajan Maan) in Harleen (Jonita Doda) seems a bit too hurriedly inserted into the storyline. Another indication of the moving turning into a love-triangle between Rajbir (Gulzar Inder Chahal) , Harleen (Jonita Doda) and Sukhdeep (Harbhajan Maan).
We can say that Harbhajan Maan is at his best in this movie but he is still very far away from being called a fine actor. His dialogue delivery is neither spontaneous nor natural.
The film bears a close resemblance to ‘Dillagi’, the story of two brothers with the elder one not too much in favour of marriage and only interested in the success of his business. But his family is weaving dreams of marrying him (Sukhdeep, that is, Harbhajan Maan) to Harleen (Jonita Doda). Even the girl’s father is interested in marrying his daughter to the elder of the two brothers.
An element of suspense is added to the story with Harbhajan’s mention of having spent five years alone and that there is a specific reason why he is not interested in marriage. This is where Aman(Tulip Joshi) enters into the scene. Harbhajan Maan is at first lost in distant memories and bursts out into a few sad lines just before a romantic song ‘Haal oye rabba’, in which he reminisces about romancing Aman (Tulip Joshi). From then on starts the story within the main story of the movie.

I think it is better to be silent about the part when Sukhdeep (Harbhajan Maan) tries to find the girl Aman(Tulip Joshi) by searching the name Amandeep Kaur from the telephone directory of Chandigarh city. Their love blossoms and talks of their marriage are on the track. And then the twist! There is a hint at shady background of their families. After Karam Singh Sandhu’s (Kabir Bedi) efforts it is revealed that Aman (Tulip Joshi) is born not out of the wedlock of her parents. Her father died before he could be married to his then fiancée, that is, Aman’s mother. Then pursues an emotional drama between father and son, grandmother and Sukhdeep and finally between the two lovers, Sukhdeep and Aman. They don’t marry after all.

After this background story, the movie once again comes back to the present with Sukhdeep standing on the terrace of his house, where he was recalling all these events. The story goes on as expected. As arrangements are being made to get Sukhdeep (Harbhajan Maan) married with Harleen(Jonita Doda), Sukhdeep has an inkling that all is not well. Finally he discovers that his younger brother Rajbir(Gulzar Inder Chahal) and Harleen are in love with each other and are sacrificing just for his happiness. The love story of Gurpreet Ghuggi is the sub-plot in the movie that adds a touch of humour and light-hearted comedy. The issue is resolved in a comic manner.

After this reunion any viewer would expect some consolation for Sukhdeep (Harbhajan Maan) too. By turn of events he comes face to face with Aman (Tulip Joshi). But she doesn’t agree on marrying Sukhdeep. She doesn’t relent even when the whole family including Sukhdeep’s father ask her to agree. She still insists on leaving for Canada. The whole scene at the airport was a bit too stretched one. The reunion of Sukhdeep and Aman was unduly stretched as if just trying to add a twist and may be to arouse suspense in the minds of the viewers, which I regret to say was not aroused. The storyline of the movie ‘Yaar O Dildaara’ was too expected and run of the mill kind. One could not help drawing too over-bearing a resemblance to the Bobby Deol, Urmila and Sunny Deol starrer Hindi movie ‘Dillagi’.

Overall the film does not reach anywhere the standard set by ‘Jihne Mera Dil Luteya’. It was just an average kind. Harbhajan Maan has still a long way to go till he is established as a good actor. The two female lead actors of the movie Jonita Doda and Tulip Joshi did not have very meaty roles. I don’t think they did justice to their roles because rather than contributing substantially to the movie their presence was important for the addition of romantic angle. To sum up, I have to say that the movie is just an average one.


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