‘Naina de Buhe’: Wadalis’ Sufi delight

It is time for treat for all Sufi lovers. We have the new album ‘Naina de Buhe’, which has already been released on 2 October, 2011 at Chandigarh. It is a set of soul-stirring renditions by Wadali brothers and a Wadali son, that is, Lakhwinder Wadali. The ten-tracks compilation ‘Naina de Buhe’ has songs sung by Puranchand Wadali, Pyarelal Wadali and Lakhwinder Wadali. The album includes two folk songs penned by Baba Bulle Shah. Sufism is just like ‘ibadat’ for them. Sharing their experience on the occasion of release of this album Lakhwinder said, “Working on this album was blissful for me, as it gave me an opportunity to sing along with my father and uncle, who are also my gurus. I have received training in classical music under their guidance.”

So enjoy the treat in the melodious voices of Puranchand Wadali, Pyarelal Wadali and Lakhwinder Wadali in ‘Naina de Buhe’.


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