Neeru ‘Heer’-‘Ranjha’ Harbhajan

Punjabi’s are famous for their legendary love stories, the most famous is Heer-Ranjha. Now the legendary kissa of Heer-Ranjha is ready to get alive on silver screen. Pollywood is ready to follow the footsteps of bollywood, by adapting the super hit historical love stories formula like DevDas. While Abhay Deol has been depicted as modern Devdas in his recently hit Dev D, similarly Harbhajan Maan is all set to be his punjabi counterpart, but not Dev Maan, but the classic Ranjha. Yes!!! the legendry love story of Heer-Ranjha is ready to hit big screens for punjabi audience soon. Acccording to news reports Heer-Ranjha is scheduled to release on 25 September, in which Harbhajan Maan is playing Ranjha and his Heer is Neeru Bajwa. Along with that veteran actress Daljeet kaur is starting her second inning on silver screen. Who can forget her memorable performances in ‘mamla garbar hai’, ‘vairy jatt’, ‘saida-jogan’, ‘batwara’, ‘ki banu duniya da’ and ‘sarpanch’. She is playing ‘Malki’, mother of Heer in the film. The queen of punjabi cinema is happy with her new role, as she says, ‘it’s age factor that decides the roles and i am haapy to be a part of this legendry project’. Harbhajan Mann’s H&H and Dr. Apinder Grewal is producing this big budget film. Fingers are crossed and wait is on for 25th september, when audience will decide, how much justice have been done to Waris Shah’s legendary Heer-Ranjha.






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