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Ni Main Sass Kuttni 2 Punjabi Film 2024
Ni Main Sass Kuttni 2

The trailer of ‘Ni Main Sass Kuttni 2’ sets the stage for a comedic clash between traditional family roles, specifically the mother-in-law (Sass) and daughter-in-law (Nooh). It teases the audience with a mix of household comedy, drama, and a new element of horror, promising a fresh take on the family dynamics explored in the first film.

The trailer showcases a series of humorous and chaotic situations that arise within a joint family, highlighting the generational gap and the ensuing hilarity. It features a talented ensemble cast, including Gurpreet Ghuggi, Karamjit Anmol, Mehtab Virk, and Tanvi Nagi, among others, who bring their characters to life with vibrant performances.

The film appears to blend different genres, maintaining the essence of a family entertainer while introducing unexpected twists. The trailer has been well-received, indicating that the sequel is highly anticipated by fans of Punjabi cinema.

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