Pammi Bai meeting his fans today, Are you there

If you are a fan of the ambassador of Punjab’s folklore Pammi Bai, you can get a chance to ‘meet’ him today at 8.30 PM on PTC Punjabi.

A contest ‘Dinner Date with Pammi Bai’ was organized by PTC and winners of the contest was given a chance to meet his favorite celebrity. His fans got a chance to have dinner with Pammi Bai and peep inside his personal life. This dinner date has a new twist because it was celebrated at a farm house near Kasauli. Fans of Pammi Bai had a double dose of fun. First they met their favorite star and second they enjoyed the natural beauty around Kasuali. Now you can share all this fun. So fix up your evening with Pammi Bai and have a big bash. Enjoy!!!


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