Satinder Sartaj to heat up Canada

Renowned Punjabi singer Satinder Sartaj who is known for his singing as well as dressing style is ready to heat up the spring season of Canada this May. Sartaj got a big break through from his first Canada visit few years back and now he is coming back there for a long live tour. Management of Sartaj has released a teaser poster only to disclose the month of his visit. 

Satinder Sartaj Canada Tour Poster
Satinder Sartaj Canada Tour Poster

Complete schedule of Sartaj’s live concerts still has to be finalized and declared, but the sheer announcement of his coming to Canada has spread welcoming warmth in the chilly weather of Canada. When the snow will melt and spring will be on full bloom in May, Sartaj will be visiting and performing is many new Punjabi songs as well as few popular songs on Public demand. So, Canadians! Once again get ready to witness Sartaj, his singing and his poetry.


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