Satinder Sartaj’s Interview

Fans of Sartaj want to know everything about his life and music. Even Sartaj himself is very much keen in sharing his emotions with his fans. In this exclusive interview his fans will get to know about his latest album Lafzan De Haan Da-Sartaj Live, few unknown facts about his life, music and poetry.


You can watch this exclusive one hour interview PTC Punjabi Showcase on Tuesday at 9 PM. Interview is shot at Kalagram Chandigarh hosted by Baljit Kaur Johal. Sartaj has talked about his Panjab University days and songs written about those days. He has also unfolded the mystery behind writings songs based on the cities where he goes for his live concerts during this interview. If you want to know what you always wanted to know about Sartaj, don’t miss that interview.





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