Satinder Sartaj’s new album ‘Cheere Waleya’ coming next week

There’s good news for all those who are still humming ‘Dil pehlan jeha ni reha’ or are pouring their hearts out while fervently praying ‘Sai ve saadi fariyaad tere taayin’. ‘Satinder Sartaj will be here with his new album entitled ‘Cheere Waleya’. The sources well-connected with Satinder Sartaj confirmed to Just Panjabi that the album is all set to be released anytime in the next week. The album seems to be an attractive package for the whole lot of Sartaj fans. It is a fully loaded collection of 8 tracks, including the famous track ‘Pehli kick te start mera Yamaha’ apart from many fresh tracks. ‘Cheere Waleya’ would be Sartaj’s second official release after his first album entitled ‘Sartaj’ that was released by Speed Records.Kill piracy, buy original cds only.





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