Simon Nandhra is coming back with Perfectly Imperfect

After a fairly long wait Simon Nandhra is getting ready to unleash his third official album, ‘Perfectly Imperfect’. Simon has been working hard on the third album and has just recorded two high quality videos which will be released internationally.

The album, Perfectly Imperfect which features 15 amazing tracks has some of the most famous names in Bhangra such as Labh Janjua, Master Rakesh, Isherz, Taz, Sardara Gill, Sabar Koti, Master Salim and many more on it.

Simon Nandhra promises this album will have that hardcore bhangra flavour, with a taste for everyone on it. With his previous albums ‘Out of the Box’ & ‘Underestimated’, and then his EP ‘Silent Tears’ having topped the Asian music charts there is no doubt that this long awaited album will once again aim to please when it is released on the infamous Moviebox label.


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