Tribute by common Indians to their uncommon spokesperson Jaspal Bhatti

Jaspal Bhatti, went away. Every one is shocked. He left us stunned. He gave us a nerve to think about common men’s issues and taught us to speak about them. We need to follow up his foot-steps to keep his legacy move forward. Just Panjabi pays tribute to this great soul and spokesperson of common Indian.

Here are few comments collected from various online resources which shows the impact of his persona on common Indian people living around the globe. Mr. Bhatti, every common India will miss you.

Tribute by common Indians to their uncommon spokesperson Jaspal Bhatti

Tej (Kannur,Kerala.)

Some times life plays its own flop show..RIP Bhatti saab..

Priyanka (london)
Very first people to stand against corruption in his own satirical and funny ways. Would miss your work which concerns middle class issues

Dino (Mumbai)
he has gone to make god laugh ;

Manpreet Singh Kalsey (Dubai, UAE)
Shocked at the early morning news..May his breed grow and his soul rest in peace….Bhatti saab, upar se bi dus baraah politicians ki vaat lagaana aur unhe bhi uthva lena…..

Suresh Chander Mittal (Bangalore, India)

May god give strength to the family members to bear this loss…. I am really shocked to hear this news today morning. When i use to watch him on television, it connects me back to my roots in Punjab, Jalandhar

Nayan (Surat)
You were real Engineer, so you gave shock to all by leaving so early, May be Yash chopra planning for. Great movie in heaven so, please help him. We shall miss you for ever.

KN Ram Mohan

i salute and wish his soul rest in peace. the man who created a culture of telling the truth in a funny way

Raju (Nag)
Really unfortunate. A great man of TV who made us to understand from North to south even when we were not knowing the language. He broke the language barrier with his satirical comments. May we pray to god to spare his son and daughter from this tragedy.

Ravindranath (Bangalore)
Jaspal Bhatti Sahab !!! how can i express my shock over your sad and sudden demise. We most of of the people residing in southern part of India started liking Hindi language because of your humour and simple comedy style. We liked sooo much your Flop Show and Ulta Pulta never to forget till our last breath. You touched every middle class community in India through your simple and comedy way of projecting our problems. Your soul may rest in peace. The God takes only good and social service people leaving all these dirty and cheating politicians in India. Jai Hind

Dr. Surinder K Sharma (Karnal)
The great Comedian Jaspal Bhatti will always be remembered for all his contributions adding happiness to lives of all Indians and Punjabis in particular. Our generations will always be graetful and cherish his memories. The greatest tribute to his soul and family will be in our renewed efforts to fight and eradicate corruption from India, against which he fought all his life in his typical but genuine way.

Very sad news. Jaspal Bhatti was cleanest at heart. He disliked corruption and dishonesty.However his style of expressing it was through humour and was very effective in it .A unique fighter of corruption indeed.

When I was a kid every one in my family used to tell me about a Sardar which every evening used to come to us on our television screens and makes us laugh hard as wel as think about the Socio-Economic and Political issues at the same time. I was fortunate enough to be born and grown up in an era,when i could watch Mr. Jaspal Bhatti’s legendary show and stuffs . His Comic acts at the time of elections and New year Eves were too good. What we used to do on every new year eve is to switch into the DD 1 and watch Mr. Bhatti’s great stuffs. Rest In Peace Bhatti Sahab. Perhaps even GOD loved you so much that he wanted to get entertained from you directly and thus he took you away from us. May the same god give strength to your family. Thank you for memories.

Andip Arora (mumbai) 

Mr. Bhatti you made us cry while laughing. your comedy shall remain fresh as long corruption is there. RIP

Akhill K Singgh (Jazan, Jizan, Saudi Arab)
You made an impact in our hearts.We will never forget you …

Sri Ramanathan (Melbourne)
I cannot barely speak Hindi. But I loved Jaspal Bhatti and can understand his jokes. This was because his scripts are set in Indian Context, Government set-up, officialdom etc. His demise that too due to a road accident is shocking and a loss to the very few honest bold TV artists.

Arijit Datta (Zurich)
Thank you Sir, for filling some of my childhood days with laughter. May your soul rest in peace. Prayers.

Yatin Parate (Mumbai)
A respectable man who contributed to society in awakening them about current issues through his lethal weapon…Comedy. RIP Bhatti Ji.

Rampi Sahni (Tokyo)
I am really sad to hear this news. He is the only comedian who was known for clean comedy and his satire on Indian corrupt system were really great.I have watched flop show many times and each time I admired his wit and observations.We all will really miss him.

Mario (Mumbai)
One of the most serious thinker on different issues : like: Corruption, water shortage, light problem etc and put all his thought in beautiful comedy and trying to create change in the heart of officials, middle class people amazing piece of work . (He) made us to laugh on serious issues plaguing the society and country at large. Hats off Bhatti saab. May God rest you in peace.

Manish Srivastava (New Delhi) 

The first comedy serial , I had ever seen is of him. We give examples of those episode today itself. He will live in our heart.

H S Ahuja (Amritsar)
Although one did not know him personally, yet there was a sad twinge in the heart on hearing this tragic news. May his soul rest in peace and the family has the strength to bear this great loss. Best wishes for the speedy recovery of his son and Surilie.

Satpal (London)
The Great Bhatti, who took on corruption and the state of affairs in the country with his humorous and simple plays and television serials. Bhatti Saab you were never a flop show only a hit always. RIP.


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