Vaari Vaari Releasing on 3rd Sept-Harbhajan Mann

I’m thrilled to announce to my loving fans the release date of my new album, “Vaari Vaari”, will be SEPTEMBER 3RD, 2010. The music video of the title track, “Vaari Vaari”, will be airing on all the leading music channels on AUGUST 29TH, 2010.”

Harbhajan Mann 

Above is the statement, at 8:30 PM today, Harbhajan Mann himself wrote at his

Facebook status. After the release of Heer Ranjha HM’s fans were depretely waiting for his new album. Shooting of his forthcoming film ‘Just Punjabi’ is yet to start. while talking to Just Panjabi, Harbhajan said, “firstly I am consentrating on my new album. shooting of movie will be start soon.” Album’s music is directed by Jaidev Kumar and lyrics are penned by legendry Babu Singh Maan. Song ‘Miss Call Jalandhar To’ is already on the lips of HM’s fans.





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    i love all of Harbhajan Mann films

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