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Punjabi Film Yodha The Warrior kuljinder sidhu sadda haq
Punjabi Film Yodha The Warrior Featuring Kuldinder Sidhu of Sadda Haq Fame

Yodha is an Punjabi film inspired from the true events happened around the Indo-Pak border area of touching Amritsar and Tarantarn disctrics of Punjab.This is second Punjabi film of Kuljinder Singh Sidhu after controversial hit Sadda Haq. in which he ones again palce a baptised daring sikh guy. The new eye candy twist in this film is his six pack abs and captivating body. First look theaterical trailor gives the much idea of the story. Bollywood actor Rahul Dev is playing a drug paddler and goon of a politician. Film Yodha talks about the political-drug dealer nexus, chaotic situation of law and order in Punjab and variosu other issues surrounding youth of Punjab. Kuljinder Singh Sidhu plays a strong role, while Rahul Dev looks like an equal antagonist. Film is written by renowned lyricist turned short film maker Amardeep Singh Gill along with Sidhu himself. Film is produced by home production house OLX of Kuldinder Singh Sidhu.

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  1. Rohit Sharma Avatar

    Yoddha : The Warrior, is a Punjabi flick that stays honest to its genre with its focus on the nexus between drug mafia & politicians prevalent in Punjab with some of the Cops being a part of it. I'll say that Yoddha is a must watch movie especially for Punjabi movie connoisseurs. It is an honest take on the prevalent rampant corruption in Punjab albeit in an entertaining way. For my detailed review, please visit……

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