by Jacob D’Mellow

Today begins the big fight between two filmy ‘Jatts’. This professional ‘war’ begins today on 27th July with the release of Carry on Jatta. These two Jatts are Diljit Dosanjh and Gippy Grewal and the competition is between Jatt and Juliet and Carry on Jatta.

Jatt and Juliet is already ruling the box office from last three weeks and Diljit will remain in the cinemas till next week and more if it goes so long. Therefore ‘Jatt and Juliet’ is ready to give a tough competition to new opening ‘Carry on Jatta’ from the very first day. Desi Rockstar Gippy Grewal is coming up in the cinemas with the hope to ‘carry on’ this success story. Biggest reason behind Jatt and Juliet’s success was its massive promotion. Team of Carry on Jatta is following the same footsteps for the promotions. If I will say that they are going a lot ahead from them it will be the reality of today’s trade. The way Gippy’s team is wandering from one to another city of Punjab, this trend was started by none other than Jimmy Shergill for the promotion of Tera Mera Ki Rishta. Carry on Jatta team is going one step forward from this. It is using the footage of promotional events to promote their movie online through Facebook and Youtube, so that the viewers who could not come on ground can be attracted to cinemas by showing the crowd through videos. Gippy’s recent hit ‘Angreji Beat’ is also helping him a lot during the promotion to gather crowd and keep them glued. He has to sing this song in the very beginning and it is dominating the all tracks from Carry on Jatta. Now let’s come back to our topic that is Jatt and Juliet v/s Carry on Jatta. 38* shows of Jatt and Juliet are still running in the multiplexes of Jalandhar, Amritsar, Bathinda, Ludhiana, Pathankot, Patiala. Chandigarh and Delhi, but Gippy has prepared to combat by opening 118* shows in the multiplexes of above cities. This huge number of shows turns into how many numbers at box office? We will know it till weekend.

Carry on Jatta has many more challenges to face. The biggest challenge is the laughter quotient. ‘Jatt and Juliet’ has already torn apart the ribs of the houseful of audiences around the globe. Now this burden lies upon Gippy, his acting and comedy timing skills are on big test today. Another bigger competition is between Neeru Bajwa and Mahie Gill. With her breath taking show off in the song Fatto, she captured maximum eyeballs even before the release of movie. On the other hand Mahie is looking like a weak contender. In various promos her costumes and styling has not been liked by many audiences. ‘Sweety’ is trying hard to lure youngsters during promotion, but is still unable to create the ‘Fatto’ magic. She is not looking as stunning in the promos and songs as she usually looks in her Bollywood flicks. Now only the fate will tell how much she succeeds in attracting people towards box office. This will also decide her future in Punjabi cinema.

Though lead actors are not solely responsible for the production quality and success of any movie, but usually audience thinks completely opposite. It is a golden opportunity for Gippy Grewal to win his lost faith of that fans who got disappointed from his last venture Mirza-the untold story.

Opening of the movie is also a huge challenge for Carry on Jatta because ‘Jatt and Juliet’ was completely sold out even before its release and it remained houseful for couple of weeks. It is pulling up audience till today. On the contrary only two shows in the multiplexes of Chandigarh and one show in Ludhiana of Carry on Jatta is sold out till the last reports. It can get undivided audience only at Pathankot because Jatt and Juliet don’t have any show there. Will the number of sold out shows increase or decrease, we have to wait and watch?

Apart from the above huge challenges Carry on Jatta will also have to compete with most awaited sex-comedy ‘Kya Super Kool Hai Hum’ sequel of the most successful Bollywood film ‘Kya Kool Hai Hum’. This movie of new trending genre has received rave reviews from big cities. As bigger it gets in the Punjabi territory the biggest challenge it will become for Carry on Jatta. Though in foreign territories with the majority by Punjabi audience are expected to get a big opening for Carry on Jatta. This is the only saving factor for dream project of Gippy Grewal.

In spite of that the movie faces a mountain of big challenges wishes huge success to ‘Carry on Jatta’ with fingers crossed.

(This report is based only on the show schedule advertised by various major multiplexes of above mentioned eight cities. Number of few multiplexes and all single screens of above and remaining cities of territory are not included in the above figures) 

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