Why Patiala Dreamz is a must watch and Why not?

By Jacob D’Mellow

Before I start I want to tell you that it is not a film review and I have not watched the film until writing this piece. First of all I will tell you why I never like to go to watch Patiala Dreamz, you know my ugly nose always comes in between my choice, so lets listen it first-

Punjabi Film Patiala Dreamz Poster
Punjabi Film Patiala Dreamz Poster

  1. It has new star cast, actually they are not Punjabi at all, what kind of Punjabi they will speak. Even I can’t digest the dialogues of Neeru Bajwa or Surween Chawla and many others. Ashmit Patel was terrible. Minisha Lamba haye rabb ji!!!
  2. From promos it looks like that film is shot on some old school technology. It can be said for every other Punjabi film, except few big budget Punjabi films.
  3. Music is not so catchy that it can hook me up to cinema.

I know all my lovely readers must be thinking the same. But after my ugly nose, my sweet heart comes to rescue, it tells me. Why I must watch this movie? Hey!!! Now speak up you spongy bunch of emotions-

  1. First the storyline, it is not the same formula stand up comedy show on silver screen. It feels like I will be going to watch a story not the star faces who look and do exactly same in their each and every film.
  2. After long time a suspense thriller film has come up in Punjabi cinema. If I am not wrong Sukhminder Dhanjal’s Lagda Ishq Ho Gya staring Roshan Prince was the first in this genre in new era of Punjabi Cinema.
  3. Though star cast is new for Punjabi cinema but they are already established actors of Hindi television, cinema and south films. Moreover they have tried their best to get into Punjabi character. They have learned the language to deliver perfectly but I think perfection is not a one take shot. I feel they have done enough as first timers.
  4. And for your kind information Madalasa Sharma has promised to learn Punjabi till her next Punjabi film in a television interview. You love Katrina from the very first day when even she can’t utter a   single Hindi sound. Thus I think Madalasa deserves the same courtesy.
  5. My khabari has poked in my ear that Sarwar was inquiring about Punjabi theater groups, I feel he is seriously thinking to learn Punjabi language as well as how Punjabis act, oh!!! I mean actually live, so that he can portray their characters well.
  6. Biggest thing they are ACTORS Punjabiyo!!! Not singers who slipped in to actors’ shoes after waking up from a nightmare. This should be the biggest reason if you really want to see more actors coming into Punjabi cinema.
  7. Moreover what you think about our Punjabi girls working in south films? Are they speaking perfect Punjabi? Let’s welcome this exchange. Punjabi Girls in Southern cinema and a southern starlet in Punjabi cinema. What an ‘exchange-ful’ idea sir ji!!! Even our Rahul Dev and Sonu Sood are star villains there.
  8. The last and the most trust worthy feather in my cap is Sardar Sohi. Who will like to miss this anaconda performance by the finest actor? He blows the mind when he says ‘sapolia hun naag bann chukkeya’. Hollywood can feel jealous that we have our own real anaconda in Punjabi cinema, the anaconda of acting.

It might have more loopholes and much more positive things which you and me can find out only after watching it. But for the time being, these nosy and hearty ideas are boggling my mind from many days. Please help me to decide before Patiala Dreams go away. Tell me if you have watched it or going to watch it. Do tell me, even if you are not thinking about Patiala Dreams at all. I know you won’t tell me.

Based on the fact provided by Harpreet Singh from the production team of Patiala Dreams


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