A Punjabi Movie on Honour Killing

No matter how much we have progressed, no matter how modern we call ourselves, an issue that continues to be a blot on the face of ‘civilized society’ is that of honour killing. What other medium could be more effective than the cinema for spreading a message againt this evil practice!
Very soon we’ll be having the opportunity to watch a Punjabi movie based on this issue. The movie is to be presented before the audience in Hindi, Punjabi and English as well. It will be translated into several other languages too. The title of the Punjabi version of this movie will be ‘Rabba Maaf Karein’. The Director of the movie is Avtar Bhogal, who is based out of London.
The lyrics of Dev Kohli have been rhythmically bound into the ties of music by Uttam Singh for the Punjabi movie ‘Rabba Maaf Karein’. Ireland Film Festival 2011 witnessed the screening of this movie recently. The movie is scheduled to be released later this year only. The star cast of the Punjabi film ‘Rabba Maaf Karein’ includes Tom Alter, Zara Sheikh, Sandeep Singh, Javed Sheikh, Prem Chopra, Gulshan Grover, Karan Singh, Alexander Hulme, Sandeep Garcha,Manjit Johal, Gurdial Sira,Clowe Wicks,Cindy Sidhu and many others. Let’s hope that the movie fares well and the cause for which the movie is made is popularized via this medium.


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