Akhiyan – Tony Kakkar ft. Neha Kakkar & Bohemia | Full Video

Bohemia the Godfather of Punjabi rap
Bohemia the Godfather of Punjabi rap
In recent times godfather of Punjabi rap Bohemia has started collaborating on massive projects. In this series here comes his next big rap song Akhiyan with famous and hot bollywood singer Neha Kakkar and his brother Tony Kakkar. Song is written and composed by Tony Kakkar and sung by him and his sister Neha Kakkar in soulful voice. Once again Bohemia raps his emotional lines with full throttle emotions and feeling. Its Raja of rap at his best. Neha’s voice peirce direct into heart. The only flip side of this song is that brother and sister has paired together for a romantic song where both are calling each other as their love interest.

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