Neeru Bajwa is married to a ‘Ghost’ in real life.

Neeru Bajwa Shared Intimate Photographs on Instagram with her ‘Ghost’ Husband

Yes! You have read it right. These days you are excited to witness Neeru Bajwa as hag on big screen in her latest Punajbi film Sardaarji. But you must be unaware that she is actually married to a ghost in her real life.  Whenever she clicks a selfie with her husband he remains invisible in the photograph. If you do not believe us you can check her Instagram to know that. Few months back (around end of 2014) when she was spending her holidays in Maxico, she started to share photographs of her would be husband with her fans. But mysteriously he was missing in the photographs. His hand, shoulder or something which can’t be called face will only be visible in these photographs. After diving deep into her Instagram profile it was found that actually his husband doesn’t have a name at all. So he is known only as vanmysteryman on social media, the Instagram user name he has chosen for himself.  So from now we call him the MYSTERY MAN.
hot neeru bajwa with her husband intimate pic
Neeru Bajwa and mystery man

Actually, Neeru Bajwa never talked about her personal life on camera. While working for Hindi daily soap she had a relationship with television co-actor Amit Sadh and got engaged with him. Her television career got over soon and episode of her happily married life also ended with that.  After a gap she got hooked to Punjabi cinema and earned her fame which she is enjoying till today. In past few years she has given super hits Punjabi films like Jatt and Juliet and Jatt and Juleit 2.

Surprisingly around November 2014 she started sharing photographs with a mystery man and until valentines’ day of 2015 she somehow declared him has her valentine.  And not to be surprised she uploaded a picture in which she is covering the face of his mystery man but purposefully revealing a mysterious diamond ring which is actually called an engagement ring which she was dominantly showing in this picture. This is how she declared her pearled engagement with her fans without uttering a word. And almost seven weeks ago she shared an intimate picture with her mystery man on instagram. Two weeks ago she used the word ‘husband’ on her public profile for the first time while posting pictures of few gifts she has got from him. But his face is still not revealed. I am afraid that like vampires convert their beloveds into vampires after tasting their blood. This ghost mystery man has turned Neeru Bajwa into hag. Beware Diljit! Get out of the scene as early as possible, else in your next film instead of being a ghost catcher, you will be a ghost himself packed in a bottle.  I am still surprised why Neeru Bajwa is missing from the promotion of Sardarji? Have you any hint?
-Jacob De’Mellow
Pic Courtesy Neeru Bajwa’s official Instagram

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