Celebs Mourns Jaspal Bhatti’s Death

Sudden demise of the social satirist, actor, writer, director and producer, the most famous Ulta-Pulta man of Indian cinema, has given biggest shock not only to his fans but also to the celebrities and his admirers from entertainment world. Following are the message sent by various celebs who paid their tribute to Legendary Mr. Bhatti.

Amrinder Gill (Singer/Actor)
Famous comedian Sardar Jaspal Bhatti is no more. The large void left behind by him will never be filled. May god bless his soul, deepest heartfelt condolences to his family and may god give them the strength to bear all this. Wishing a speedy recovery to his son Jasraj.

Debi MakhsoosPuri (Poet/Lyricist/Singer)
A poetic tribute
Kinni Neki Kise Ne Kamai Yaad Rehndi Ae,
Bande Pichon Bande Di Bhlayi Yaad Rehndi Ae,
Maut Ziddi Zindagi nu Lai Jaandi Naal DEBI.
Kiddan Kise ZIndagi Bitayi Yaad Rehndi Ae…

Roshan Prince (Singer/Actor)
An Another LOSS to Cinema World..!! RIP Jaspal Bhatti ji..!! you will always be in our hearts..!!

Pavneet Birgi (Music Director)
Its very sad to know about our respectful senior (Punjabi comedy king) Jaspal Bhatti Ji, is no more with us now. May god bless his soul.

Jagmeet Bal (Director)
Completely moved by the sudden demise of my dear friend Mr. Jaspal Bhatti – The man who served many smiles to all. Still can’t forget the conversation I had with him last week. There was fun and life in every word he spoke. God bless his family.

Gulzar Chahal (Actor)
Hello Friends, I am shocked with the news of sudden demise of Jaspal Bhatti Ji. Our whole team of Dil Tenu Karda A Pyar was in Jalandhar for the promotions but as a mark of respect to the legendary actor and social critic, we cancel all our promotions here in Jalandhar. Our heartfelt condolences are with Bhatti Family.

RDB (International Band)
Saddened to know about the death of the great comedian, Jaspal Bhatti. Why is God taking away all the nicest people? This has been a very tough year! May his soul rest in peace

Nindy Kaur (Singer)
Saddened to know about the death of the great comedian, Jaspal Bhatti. Why is God taking away all the nicest people? This has been a very tough year! May his soul rest in peace.

Razia Sukhbir (Actor)
Our beloved comedy King Jaspal Bhatti Ji’s sudden demise is a painful incident. May his soul rest in peace. May god give strength to his family.

Baldev Gill (Film Writer)
Our killer roads killed the voice of our lovable, respected and forever smiling human being. His heart was full with common man’s pain. He has raised his voice against every policy made against common public. it is the news of great sorrow. Let’s promise to follow his footsteps and remember his ideology.

Jagtar Jaggi (Comedian)
A big loss to everyone. May His Soul Rest In Peace..!

Gurbir Grewal (Director)
Why Almighty is giving shock after a shock? (I) Met him last month during the mixing of Saadi Wakhri Hai Shaan (SWHS) at Fiesta Studio, he was mixing Power Cut. How proudly he introduced me with Jasraj. Never thought I was meeting him for the last time. He called a day before SWHS release to wish me. On asking if he was releasing Power Cut on 19th October, he replied in his typical style `Yaar 19 Nu te bada Ghallughara peya hai’ (There is already a big mess on 19th October), not realizing I was listening to him for the last time. One and only one who has given clean comedy with social comments. He was not just a comedian but a thinker who was well aware of his social responsibilities as a writer and film-maker. The void created by him shall never be filled up. We all join his family to share the grief and loss. We all must ensure Power Cut is a big hit, this is the only way to pay him our tribute.

Jaswant Singh Rathore (Comedian)
R.I.P to great cartoonist,comic actor,director and writer late Mr. Jaspal Singh Bhatti Ji. Salute to his ideology and his filmy career.Regards

Bups Saggu (Singer)
Some more sad news today regarding the loss of the legendary comedian Jaspal Bhatti. Your legacy will live on forever. Thank you for your great contribution to Punjabi Culture. R.I.P.

Ranjit Singh Teji (Singer)
Changa vai dosto allvida (Dear friends accept my last good bye), So sad Jaspal Bhatti ji is no more.

Parmod Sharma Rana (Video Director)
Sad to hear about Yash Chopra Ji and today about Jaspal Bhatti Ji They are no more with us, But you both will be always remembered for your awesome personalities.

Kulbir (Singer)
I am shocked with the news of sudden death of Jaspal Bhatti Ji, I though some on has played an ugly prank.oh my GOD!

Mehsopuria (Singer)
Sad to hear Punjabi comedian and actor Jaspal Bhatti has passed away. May God keep him in his adobe.


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  1. A legend in comedy lost with the untimely death. I still remember vividly his shows in DD which was the hallmark of comedy series to come. A loss that can never be filled. May his soul rest in peace

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