‘I am Singh’ releases on 2 December

Your wait will finally be over with the release of ‘I am Singh’ on 2 December, 2011. It was with Salman Khan starrer ‘Garv’ that Puneet Issar made his directorial debut. And now he is back with ‘I am Singh’. The script of the film has been written by Puneet Issar himself. He also claims that the script has been inspired by a few real life incidents. At the centre of the movie are the Sikhs, who are staying in the US. The Sikhs had to face racial violence after the 9/11 twin tower attacks. People mistook the Sikhs as Arabs and Afghans because of their turbans. You will watching in the movie Gulzar Inder Chahal, Tulip Joshi, Rizwan Haider, Mika Singh, Puneet Issar and Brooke Johnson. So friends, now with great expectations wait for the time when the Punjabi movie ‘I am Singh’ releases on 2 December, 2011.


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