Jyoti Nooran’s Love, Marriage and Controversy

Jyoti Nooran’s, one among the famous singing sisters duo known as Nooran Sisters, affair has taken a twist when Jyoti and along with her newly wed husband Kunal Passi appeared in the Punjab and Harayana High Court at Chandigarh seeking protection from her parents and her elder sister Sultana Nooran. Jyoti was spotted wearing choora in her arms and Kunal was having an unkempt grown up beard. In the court of Honourable Justice TPS Maan, Jyoti Nooran urged for her protection because she has married a guy of her choice. 

According to Jyoti her parents and sister are against this relationship and they wanted her to marry a guy of their choice. She, through her counsel, alleged that her parents are greedy and cunning. They want to marry her to a guy whom she does not seem fit for her. She told the court that she is in love with Kunal for two years and she tried hard to convince her parents for this marriage. But when she smelled danger to her life, she decided to get married with Kunal against her parents wish immediately. Therefore she willingly went thru a marriage ceremony according to Hindu rituals in a temple and started living with Kunal. Court ordered to give them shelter in protection home situated in sector 19 of Chandigarh. Court also ordered Jyoti Nooran to prove her age.  The case has now been fixed for August 21 for further hearing.
Jyoti Nooran | Nooran Sisters
Jyoti Nooran | Nooran Sisters
On the other hand, Jyoti’s parents presented her matriculation certificate in front of the court claiming that she is still minor and has not attained the legal age of marriage. Jyoti’s counsel defended with the argument that above certificate was forged by her parents on the behest of a promoter for a foreign trip because her mother wanted to accompany her in this foreign tour. This forged certificate was prepared to accompany her as care taker of her ‘minor’ daughter. According to above certificate Jyoti’s birth date is 24 February 1998 while Jyoti claimed that she has attained the legal age of marriage because her real date of birth is 24 February 1994 and her husband was born in 1988. Further she appealed the court that she is ready to go through any scientific test which can testify her maturity. Court has given her the permission to go through Ossification Test which establishes the age based on the growth pattern of bones and teeth. Earlier Jyoti and Kunal approached Police Commissioner of Jalandhar to provide them protection.

During the hearing in the court Jyoti and her parents had a heated argument and court stopped the proceeding of their case keeping it pending for the day. Later in the second round of hearing court ordered the protection for the couple.
The Love Affair
According to a news report based on a close associate of Kunal Passi who is the resident of Phillaur town in district Jalandhar, where his father runs a sweet shop. His young brother lives in Canada. Kunal has passed 10+2 and right now he is doing nothing to earn his livelihood. He used to visit religious places where Jyoti along with her sister Sulatana usually performs sufi renditions. Two years ago they met at a religious place and came closer to each other. Jyoti recently returned from her Canada tour and disappeared with Kunal. This close associate further told the news reporter that Kunal and Jyoti willingly tied the knot and they are duly wed. Both might reach Phillaur sooner or later to live at Kunal’s house. Right now this house is locked and Kunal’s family is not seen there.
In another news report Jyoti Nooran’s husband Kunal Passi in a telephonic conversation told to a reporter that his parents are agreed with this marriage and Jyoti Nooran will live with him in his house situated in Phillaur town. But Jyoti Nooran’s parents are strictly against this marriage therefore the couple filed an appeal in the High court for protection of their life.
What will be the future of musical career of this gifted sisters duo, who has recently touched the pinnacle of their career with their super hit Bollywood song Pataka Guddi composed and musically directed by Oscar Award winner music director AR Rehman featured in critically acclaimed hindi film Highway. This song was performed on screen by leading pair of highway Randeep Hooda and Alia Bhatt. Song clicked immediately after its release and became chart-buster in no time. Confident about the success of this song AR Rehman himself sang the another version of same song which was used as a promotional song. Nooran Sisters got their first fame for their tung tung performance in MTV Sound Tripping. From there Nooran Sisters’ career took a big leap and they were again featured in MTV Coke studio where they performed their sufi song allah ho. Duo has recorded two more songs with AR Rehman and were expected to sing two more songs. Recently they had a spellbound live concerts in Canada and most of the dates were full in their professional calender before Jyoti’s love marriage controversy. What turn their musical career will take? Will Jyoti Nooran and Sultana Nooran will be performing together in future? Will Sultana remain on the side of her parents and leave Jyoti on her own fate? Will both have promising career individually if they had a thought to split? Answers for these and many other questions are in womb of time. let’s wait and watch.
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  1. Her sister sultana also marry with her lover so why she not agreed with her little sis jyoti i think its not fair

  2. It's not because the love marriage … It's because , the boy is a Hindu…

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    yes..thats true

  4. Hmm its only true love
    But as per my openion nooran sister was entered in carear cloud 9. So this controversy could affect on their life, profession

  5. In one of the performances Sultana too is clearly visibly wearing a Sindoor. So did Sultana marry a Hindu too? If two people are in love how does it matter if they are not the same religion?

  6. Or Kay ho sakta hai. Bulleshah ka kalam to paise kelie thik hai par… vyase hi hota hai ek do chod ke — Biplab Ganguly

  7. Correct Observation.

  8. why would you marry a person who has no job?
    i can see why kunal married jyoti………Money money money !!
    clever little c**t

  9. why would you marry a person who has no job?
    i can see why kunal married jyoti………Money money money !!
    clever little c**t


  11. bete kunall maja le gya money bhi or ladki bhi acchi puri jindgi ka reservation kra liya maza aa gya bhaiya

  12. what is nooran sisters religion?

  13. Main reason is that kunal is hindu punjabi whereas nooran sisters are muslim.

  14. When was Sultana married and with whom?

  15. When was Sultana married and with whom?

  16. Jyoti and sultana are not muslims. They are sufi singers trained by their father Mr. Gulshan Kumar

  17. Jyoti and sultana are not muslims. They are haryanvi hindu sufi singers

  18. mostly nooran sister sung the sufi songs they written by personalities those are MUSLIMS and i am also proud to be muslim:)

  19. I'm from Ireland and don't know about the sisters religion. I know they sing Sufi songs, and I'm not even sure what that means. All I know is that they are remarkable performers. Good luck to Jyoti in her marriage. Love is all that counts. Mel

  20. Anonymous Avatar

    In reality these both sisters are muslims

  21. Qaiser Abbas Avatar
    Qaiser Abbas

    N0oran's are n0t muslim , they have hindu religi0n.

  22. Qaiser Abbas Avatar
    Qaiser Abbas


  23. Anonymous Avatar

    everything in life have balance and counter balances.
    even cosmos come to equilibrium in the end!!Life is pressures if you learn something,if not still will end in equilibrium!!so nothing to loos,fulfill your capacity(main goal),, Hindu .Muslim Jew Christian.Sick,shia suni bahai,budist,it is only one game and shops with dif lollipop.if you wisely see all shops you could find your self,but most of people got they self in prison voluntarily,and never go out from any of that Lollipop shops till dead knock on they doors !!!

  24. Y do gay men marry women I don't get it

  25. Magic voice sister super. Sufi kalaam
    I want to invite you in Islam
    Most welcome Nooran sister
    I really feel I want to invite you in Islam…….

  26. Jyoti is a gifted singer and her career will flourish. Love does not discriminate..best wishes to her.

  27. All I know is thet it would be very painful if these sisters' career would come to an end because of marriage problems. let everyone choose their own husband instead of arranged marriage which doesn't belong in these modern times.

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