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Rabbi Shergill
Lurking beneath the surface of all explorations is an unmistakable lust for resources, control. History of our civilisation/s bears it out. Right from Sumer to the present-day pan-Americana, the same theme plays out again and again. It was Europe’s conquests abroad that launched its industrialisation, the first of our globe. And it was Indian resources that fueled Britain’s glorious, unchallenged pre-eminence on the world stage for almost 2 centuries.


But the wounds she received are still fresh. And she’s reflected for over seventy years and can’t, like an innocent bullied kid in the school yard, see her innocence survive the ruthless frame within which she finds herself. So, she must lapse into an ancient defense mechanism, an eternal vicious cycle: the bullied must turn a bully. The history of all Western seafaring and now space-faring is about conquest, control. The Orientals at least had a notion of enhancing consciousness in their travel. Ni such dainty niceties for the West though.


It now gathers power to not just annihilate its perceived enemies but control them in the scariest psychological ways imaginable, one look at the weapons in development will tell you that. It does that through its control of global finance and weapons tech. Both require material. Now that we’ve already squeezed out Earth, what else is there? ‘Why, of course, there’s that red rock over there, all we got to do is scope it out, swat away any pesky locals and carve it out amongst us. What we take from here’s going to decide who’s the controller and who the controlled.’

Space exploration, clearly is the only way to save a top-down, cannibalistic, global civilisation. Unless a global spiritual turnaround happens, how can India unilaterally practice benignity? In a terrible twisting if its very being, its been forced to choose a painful forsaking of its ancient spiritual ways and imitate the empty intellectual ways of the current conquerors. Eat or be eaten. The choices are cruel and India’s made its. It hopes, it can live to love another day–when the world’s ready for it. Mars! I’m sorry.


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