Roshan Prince changed the lyrics of song

Nakhro di akh lar gai aa taim te…online rehndi kuri webcam te…
nakhro ne kaaljaa’n de munde patt te…laaleya’n di kuri senti ho gi jatt te…
In the last week of December, 2011 singer Roshan Prince released this song with hardcore promotional campaing. Song became rage within days. Now song is so popular, so let’s enjoy reading it once again.
nakhro di akh lar gai aa taim te…online rehndi kuri webcam te…
nakhro ne kaaljaa’n de munde patt te...laal pari jehi senti ho gi jatt te… 

–> Now you must be thinking that why we are quoting these lines again and again. If you will try to read above lines carefully you will be able to understand the difference. This song became popular in days not because of its melody or beats, but because of community’s anger against its lyrics. According to the sources when the heat of this anger reached to singer, he decided to change the lyrics immediately. Soon the song was replaced with a changed version of lyrics on various channels. According to the new lyrics of this song, singer is ‘praising’ the girl not by naming her community but attributing her as ‘laal Pari’ (liquor). Now, perhaps, no community will be having any objection about this. By taking this wise and commendable decision on right time, singer has curtailed a big controversy.

It is right to mention here that from last few weeks Punjabi singers are facing a row of public agitation. People have started raising voice against the usage of intolerable vocabulary in the lyrics of Punjabi songs. Few days back, a women group staged a dharna in front of Diljit’s house and then the news of public interest litigation filed against the song ‘gaddi morange’ from Jimmy Shergill’s Punjabi movie Dharti came in to the headlines. The agitated behaviour of a particular community against Roshan Prince’s song shows that the silent restlessness is now uprising between the common listeners and it is ready to come out as a revolutionary uproar. Now the time will tell what shape this restlessness will take.

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