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The movie stars Dilpreet Dhillon, Gurjind Mann, Tanvi Nagi (Dilpreet’s love interest), Sonia Kaur as the lead actors, Pawan Malhotra (SHO), Ashish Duggal, Prince Kanwaljeet Singh (Police Constable), B.N. Sharma (Dilpreet’s Paternal Uncle), Dolly Minhas (Dilpreet’s Mother), Shavinder Mahal (Dilpreet’s Dad) and many other prominent actors of Punjabi Cinema.





2 responses to “Video | Once Upon A Time In Amritsar | Trailer”

  1. Echelon Security Philadelphia Avatar

    Awesome movie. excellent.. Punjabi cinema needs that kind of movies. We are just making jokes on our self in most comedy movies. This is excellent movie.

  2. Click Here Avatar

    This movie sure looks good, but the scene where they have guns and are fighting is WRONG. A holy place like Harmandar Sahib should not be seen with guns. It will obviously get banned in so many countries.

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