Neeru Bajwa’s Husband is not a ‘Ghost’

Finally after almost a year-long hide and seek, Neeru Bajwa’s Ghost Husband (A name we gave him) has a real face and it has been revealed in Public. Yesterday Journalist Sapan Manchanda posted a photo on his Facebook page declaring about the couple and their newborn baby girl.

The first question is what is the name of Neeru Bajwa’s Husband? According to Manchanda, Neeru and his husband Harmicpal Singh Jawanda aka Harry Jawanda came to his office for the promotion of their home production film Chano Kamli Yaar Di which is slated to be released on 19 February.

Last year Neeru started pouring her personal photographs along with a mystery man on her Instagram timeline. Till now the man was just a ‘ghost’ entity in public life and her fans were curious to know who had won the heart of the ‘Queen of Punjabi cinema.’ (Though, who crowned her we are still hunting!) 

During the shoot of Channo Kamli Yaar Di rumours were heard that Neeru Bajwa is pregnant (Holla! But when she did get married! exclaimed those who have not read that Neeru Bajwa is married to a Ghost in real life) and she is performing with her baby bump on the sets.

Earlier it was thought that these pregnancy talks were just to create a buzz about her film, but finally in conversation with a journalist Neeru not only introduced his husband Harry Jawanda who is not only the producer of her first home production Punjabi film but also her father of her few months old baby girl. She also confirmed that during the shoot of Channo, she was actually in the 8th month of her pregnancy. Even in the film, she is playing the role of a pregnant woman who goes to a foreign land in search of her lost husband.

Neeru Bajwa Husband Harry Jawanda -Photo courtesy Sapan Manchanda

For the first time, she talked about her family. Apart from her husband also she talked about her sister Rubina Bajwa, who is all set to hit the silver screen of course with the help of her all-famous sister Neeru Bajwa and her Mysterious Jiju Mr. Jawanda.

Do all these personal insights help her to garner eyeballs, we will know this only on 19 February when her film Channo will be hitting the screens (eventually film bumped at the box office). You can read the film review of Channo Kamli Yaar Di in the style of Gabbar and Sambha of Sholay here.

Till now she has tried to pull films like Pata Ni Rab Kehdeyan Ranga Wich Razi and RSVP all alone but it didn’t help much at the box office. Even she was not seen much in the promotions of her past film namely Sardarji and Mandy Takhar won all the brownie points for her role in the film. This time she is fully reigning the film and being the product of her own production house, she is leaving no stone unturned for the promotion of the film.

Now, do you know what Neeru Bajwa’s Husband Do? As per unconfirmed sources, the Husband of Neeru Bajwa, Jawanda runs his fat Taxi business, recently he has ventured into film production with the Banner Mystery Man Productions in association with his wife’s production company Neeru Bajwa Entertainment. A few years back Neeru announced a film with Gurdas Maan and Diljit Dosanjh which is still stuck and could not go on the floor. Hope we see more films from their production houses.

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